Welcome to part 10 in a series of articles about scary movies you have to see. If you've made it this far then I'll assume you’ve enjoyed the predecessors. Continue to read on if your goal is to have goose bumps raise up on your arms, want the experience of having to fight the urge to turn away or needing to feel your heart pounding in your chest.

“What scares me is what scares you. We're all afraid of the same things. That's why horror is such a powerful genre. All you have to do is ask yourself what frightens you and you'll know what frightens me.”  ~John Carpenter

Some More Scary Movies That You Shouldn’t See Alone

91- The Serpent and the Rainbow (1988): An anthropologist scary movies64goes to Haiti after hearing about a drug used in Voodoo that paralyzes its victim to the point of tricking doctors into thinking that they are dead. The victim, although paralyzed, is fully conscious and aware of everything that goes on.

• Memorable Quote: When you wake up scream, Doctor Allen. Scream all you want. There is no escape from the grave.
• Trivia: The crew had to relocate to the Dominican Republic to finish the film because the local government in Haiti could not guarantee their safety due to the civil unrest.

92- Saw (2004): Two men wake up in a scary movies65bathroom finding themselves the victims of a serial killer named Jigsaw. For one to escape they must kill the other. The movie has a very gritty and washed out look to it, so much so that some people called it an enhanced snuff film. Several sequels have been made, all released around Halloween.

• Memorable Quote: Rise and shine, Adam. You're probably wondering where you are. I'll tell you where you might be. You might be in the room that you die in. Up until now, you've simply sat in the shadows watching others live out their lives. But what do voyeurs see when they look into the mirror? Now I see you as a strange mix of someone angry, yet apathetic. But mostly just pathetic. So are you going to watch yourself die here today, Adam, or do something about it?
• Trivia: Filmed in 18 days.

93- The Omen (1976): A husband unknowingly adopts the son of scary movies66the Devil after his wife has a miscarriage. The film had some decent sequels as well.

• Creepy Scene: Damien’s nanny jumps off a roof, hanging herself. Before she jumps she yells to Damien, “Look at me, Damien! It’s all for you.”
• Title Card: "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast; for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666." Book of Revelation Chapter 13 Verse 18
• Trivia: Zoo officials took the pack leader of the baboons and placed it in the car during the zoo park sequence to get the other baboons to attack the car. The actors inside the car were very scared as the baboons were not acting.

94- The Ninth Gate (1999): A rare book dealer is hired by a scary movies67collector to authenticate an old book on the occult. On his journey to do so he gets caught up in murder, cult activity, and run-ins with supernatural entities.

• Memorable Tagline: The only thing more terrifying than searching for the Devil... is finding him.
• Memorable Quote: Nothing is more reliable than a man whose loyalties can be bought with hard cash.

95- The Hills Have Eyes (1977): A family scary movies68breaks down in a desert in the middle of nowhere and is hunted by a group of crazy people. The film has a huge cult following and is considered one of Wes Craven’s best films.

• Memorable Quote: We're gonna be French fries! Human French fries!
• Trivia: The film got an X-rating when originally submitted to the MPAA. Craven had to cut the film down enough to secure an R rating, and the original director’s cut is thought to exist no longer.

96- Se7en or Seven (1995): Two detectives hunt down a serial scary movies69killer who uses the seven deadly sins as a theme. I struggled with whether I should ad this film to this list just like I did with Silence of the Lambs. In the end I decided this film is more similar to a horror film than any other genre. You’ve got your serial killer, you’ve got your shocking and violent scenes, and you definitely don’t have a happy ending.

• Memorable Quote:
William Somerset: [Reading from one of John Doe's journals] On the subway today, a man came up to me to start a conversation. He made small talk, a lonely man talking about the weather and other things. I tried to be pleasant and accommodating, but my head hurt from his banality. I almost didn't notice it had happened, but I suddenly threw up all over him. He was not pleased, and I couldn't stop laughing.
• Trivia: Kevin Spacey insisted his name not appear in the opening credits so the audience will be surprised when he is revealed to be the killer.

97- Child’s Play (1988): A serial killer uses some black magic to scary movies70transport his essence into a popular doll to escape capture by the police. The killer soon discovers that he is trapped inside the doll unless he can get a little help. Killers are still killers, however, even when trapped in a doll and his personality eventually comes out. There are several sequels and I recommend them all, though the first one is the most serious. They become more and more comical as each sequel is made.

• Memorable Quote: Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?

98- The Ruins (2008): A group of friends on vacation visit an The Ruinsancient Mayan temple only to find that the local villagers refuse to let them leave… and for good reason. I found this film to be a refreshing new take on the horror genre.

• Scary Quote: We’re being quarantined here. We’re being kept here to die.
• Trivia: The nasty looking vines in the film were inspired by those found on pumpkins.

99- [REC] (2007): A TV reporter shadows a group RECof fireman that receives a call to an old apartment building where they run into something unexpected. This French horror film inspired the American remake “Quarantine”.

• Infamous Tagline: Just one witness… a video camera.
• Trivia: The parting shots were filmed in complete darkness, using an infra-red camera. The actors couldn’t see a thing.

100- Man Bites Dog (1992): A dark comedy about Man Bites Doga serial killer being followed around by a camera crew. As the killer becomes comfortable enough with the crew to start involving them in his work, they become less comfortable and start to question if they are doing the right thing.

• Memorable Quote: Once I buried two Arabs in a wall over there – facing Mecca, of course.
• Trivia: This film took over a year to complete due to running out of money several times. A lot of the filmmakers’ friends and family helped to finish it, doing work both in front of and behind the camera.

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