If you have happened across these series of articles and it is October then odds are good that you are hunting for a good scary movie to either enjoy by yourself or with some friends. There is no other time of the year when watching these films feels more natural than they do during the month of All Hallows’ Eve. If you’ve stumbled on these articles during any other time of the year they can still be enjoyed due to the fact that you can always sit down at night and be scared in total safety… you hope.

Nightmarish Stories That Can Scare Anyonescary movies22

31- Duel (1971): A businessman going to an appointment passes a slow tanker truck and finds himself in a fight for his life as the truck driver gets angry at this and chases David along the highway trying to kill him. I think a lot of people can relate to this film because there are truck drivers out there like this… I know.

• Memorable Scenes: I loved all the scenes in which the viewers heard David Mann’s inner thoughts. I don’t know why, I just found them very humorous.
• Memorable Quote: I’d like to report a truck driver who’s been endangering my life.
• Trivia: The short story that Matheson wrote was originally published in Playboy magazine. He was inspired be a trucker that had tailgated him on his way home from a golfing match.scary movies23

32- Return of the Living Dead (1985): A deadly gas is accidentally released by some workers which cause the dead to come alive. These workers are joined by a mortician and some teenage punk rockers to try and stay alive only to get blown up by the military in the end. Parts 2 and 3 are also worth seeing.

• Memorable Scene: There is a very funny (and frightening) scene near the front of the movie in which Burt, Frank, and Freddy are trying to kill a bluish green zombie and failing miserably. They even cut it up in pieces with no effect.
• Memorable Quote: Send… more… paramedics.
• Trivia: Zombie extras were paid more to eat real calf brains. O’Bannon even went so far as to eat some raw calf brains in front of them, saying he didn’t want the actors to do anything he wasn’t willing to do.scary movies24

33- Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter (1974): The title is pretty self explanatory. I saw this scary movie when I was young and that’s probably one reason it appeals to me so much, plus it’s a good movie.

• Memorable Scene: Kronos and his assistant try several methods to kill a vampire they captured and all fail until the vampire’s chest is accidentally pierced with a steel cross that he was wearing. Kronos realizes it is steel that kills youth-draining vampires and him and his assistant (Grost) go to the cemetery to obtain a large iron cross with which to make a sword.
• Memorable Quote: If a vampire should bestrode / Close to the grave of a dead toad / Then the vampire life shall give / And suddenly, the toad shall live.scary movies25

34- A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984): Several kids start having nightmares about a badly scarred man with knives on one hand. If he hurts you in the dream, you get hurt in real life. The kids eventually find out his name is Fred Krueger and he had been a child murderer when he was alive.

• Creepy Moment: There was a scene in which Nancy saw Tina in a clear body bag being dragged by someone through the school hallway. Nancy had fallen asleep in class and was dreaming.
• Memorable Song: One, two, Freddy's coming for you. / Three, four, better lock your door. / Five, six, grab your crucifix. / Seven, eight, better stay awake. / Nine, ten, never sleep again.
• Trivia: The original glove was used in Part 2 and also seen in Evil Dead II. Wes Craven loaned the glove to the Part 3: The Dream Warriors’ set and it was lost and never found.scary movies26

35- Thinner (1996): An overweight lawyer accidently runs over an old gypsy woman and kills her. The lawyer gets away with it thanks to some help from a few of the more powerful members of the community. The gypsies decide to take their revenge by giving each one of the killers their own custom curses.

• Memorable Scene: The first time the lawyer steps on the scale after the curse and wonders how he lost so much weight in one day.
• Memorable Dialogue:
Henry Halliwell: This diet you're on, what is it? I've tried all the others; I might as well try this one.
Billy Halleck:  I don't think you'd like it Henry. In fact, I don't think you'd like it at all.

36- Invasion of the Body scary movies27Snatchers (1978): People begin to realize that the human race is being replaced one by one with emotionless clones grown from plantlike pods.

• Creepy Moment: The ending definitely. Nancy spots Mathew (Donald Sutherland) and thinking that he is still human she initiates contact. Mathew points at her and lets out that eerie pod scream. Mathew is now a pod person.
• Memorable Quote: We came here from a dying world. We drift through the universe, from planet to planet, pushed on by the solar winds. We adapt and we survive. The function of life is survival.

37- City Of The Living Dead (1980): A scary movies28priest hangs himself in a cemetery and releases zombies that have powers such as super strength. The zombies quickly start killing people in a small town. The portal to Hell must be closed or the dead will overtake the earth. The film was banned in several countries and as a result has several titles and versions, the most popular being “The Gates of Hell.”

• Cringe Scene: One person vomits up their own internal organs.
• Trivia: When released in the U.S. in 1983, it was titled “Twilight of the Dead.” The title and poster art looked very familiar to George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. A cease and desist order forced the original posters to be pulled. They were redone with the title “The Gates of Hell.”

38- Trick ‘r Treat (2007): Five interconnected stories that Trick r Treat(44186)all take place on Halloween night. This would be a fun movie to see with a bunch of friends.

• Creepy Scene: After finding out that the high school principal is actually a serial killer, we are shocked even further that he is teaching his willing son proper technique on the subject.
• Tagline: Poison, drowning, claw or knife. So many ways to take a life.
• Trivia: Little people were used instead of kids during the trick or treating scenes due to kids not being able to work when shooting took place at night.

39- Black Christmas (1974): A group of girls in a sorority Black Christmashouse is getting some disturbing phone call during Christmas break. Then the murders start.

• Scary Moment: Billy killing Clare with the plastic bag.
• Tagline: If this movie doesn’t make your skin crawl… It’s on too tight!
• Trivia: The film was initially released under the title of “Silent Night, Evil Night” because distributors felt it might be mistaken for a “blaxploitation” picture. It was changed back to the original title after not doing so well under the new one.

40- The Vanishing (1988): A young couple is on holiday The Vanishingwhen the girl disappears from a busy service station. After looking for her for three years with no success, he begins to receive postcards from her abductor. There was an American remake, but the original is much more creepier.

• Shocking Scene: Our hero finally finds out what happened to his girlfriend.
• Memorable Quote: My daughter was bursting with pride. But I thought that her admiration wasn't worth anything unless I could prove myself absolutely incapable of doing anything evil. And as black cannot exist without white, I logically conceived the most horrible deed that I could envision right at that moment. But I want you to know, for me killing is not the worst thing.

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