I find it interesting how the words below can comfortably be used in a conversation regarding scary movies. Do you?
Good: enjoyable, pleasant
Horror: the strong feeling caused by something shocking or frightful
Movie: the showing of a film
Fear: anxiety brought on by real or possible danger
Creepy: having or causing a feeling of fear or disgust
Fun: a source of amusement
Scream: to utter a shrill, piercing cry in fright
Terror: intense fear
Dread: fear mixed with awe, reluctance and uneasiness

Recommendations to Scare and Disturb

41- Puppet Master (1989): Andre Toulon has figured scary movies29out a way to bring his puppets to life by using an old Egyptian spell. All of his creations have their own personalities and free will… to kill. There are several sequels and all are very fun to watch because of the puppets.

• Blade: Ghostly white face dressed in black. Has a blade and a hook for hands.
• Jester: Can rotate three portions of face showing various expressions.
• Pinhead: Has a small head sitting on top of a large chest and hands. Is unusually strong.
• Leech Woman: Vomits leeches onto people.
• Tunneler: Has a cone-shaped drill on top of his head.

42- Friday the 13th Part III (1982): Jason Vorhees is scary movies30back killing more campers at Crystal Lake. This is pretty much the plot in all of these scary movies. I’m focusing on part three because this is the first time we see Jason in his trademark hockey mask. The franchise prides itself on coming up with creative kill scenes and most of the movies are entertaining. I recommend parts 2 – 7 and part 10 (Jason in space) as being the best. There was a remake in 2009, but it just didn’t have the same charm as the originals to me.

• Memorable Scene: Jason walks out onto a wooden boat dock towards Vera wearing Shelly’s hockey mask and carrying a spear gun. You know what happens next.
• Memorable Dialogue:
Chuck: How come you never scream when we have sex?
Chili: Give me something to scream about.
• Trivia: The movie’s release date was on Friday the 13th.

43- The Sixth Sense (1999): Haley Joel Osment plays ascary movies31 little boy who can see spirits seeking help from a child psychologist (Bruce Willis). The ending makes an already good film great, so I won’t give away any hint of it. This is perhaps Shayamalan’s best film with others being of only decent to poor quality in my opinion.

• Jump Moment: There is an accident up ahead. Cole and his mom are waiting in the car and he begins to tell her someone has died. The ghost is revealed to be standing next to his window.
• Memorable Quote: I see dead people.

44- Jeepers Creepers II (2003): The Creeper is still on the scary movies32hunt and focuses his attention on a school bus full of high school students coming back from a game. Although the first one was decent, I though part 2 was a lot better.

• Memorable Scene: In the opening scene a boy is fixing some scarecrows in a cornfield. He looks at one scarecrow that looks strange and sees it look at him and then quickly look away. The “scarecrow” remains as a statue as the boy slowly creeps up to it. At the opportune time the creature grabs the boy and after a struggle flies off with him while his father and brother is chasing them.
• Memorable Quote: Every 23rd spring for 23 days it gets to eat.

45- Day of the Dead (1985): A scary movies33small group of scientists and military soldiers are holed up in a bunker trying to research ways to stop the living dead. The world is now overrun with zombies and the group has not been successful in finding any survivors when searching surrounding areas. Although many fans view this film as Romero’s least successful, I find it to be just as good as “Night” and “Dawn.”

• Memorable Scene: Some members of the group visit a city in a helicopter looking for survivors. They land and use a megaphone to try and call for survivors. All that come are zombies.
• Memorable Quote: We don't have enough ammunition to shoot them all in the head. The time to have done that would have been in the beginning. No, we let them overrun us. We are in the minority now, something like 400,000 to one by my calculation.
• Trivia: Originally Romero had grander ideas for this film but the budget was cut in half. This forced Romero to scale back the story and rewrite the script.

46- Queen of the Damned (2002): The vampire Lestat scary movies34wakes up after sleeping for hundreds of years to find the world a very different place. He decides to become a lead singer in a band and doesn’t bother to hide the fact that he is a vampire. This brings him the wrong kind of attention from the old ones. Don’t let the fact that the first film based on Anne Rice’s work was weak keep you from watching this one. This film was much better and I like the fact they didn’t get big name movie stars to be in the film.

• Trivia: Warner Bros. was into its last year of owning film rights to the first three Vampire Chronicles books. After that the rights went back to Anne Rice to sell to whoever she wanted to. Warner Bros. got writers to combine the last two books “The Vampire Lestat” and “Queen of the Damned.”scary movies35

47- Hostel (2005): College students are lured to a hostel (shared room) only to be drugged and taken to a place where rich people pay to kill humans. A very graphic and violent film that has caused it to be banned in certain countries. The term “torture porn” was batted around a lot during its release. There is also a Part 2 which I also recommend.

• Funny Quote: I’m so happy I shaved my balls.
• Memorable Scene: The first appearance of the Bubble Gum Gang; a gang of violent kids that go around and demand bubblegum from people. Despite their cuteness, they will kill you.

48- The Last House on the Left The Last House On The Left(1972): Two girls on their way to a concert are kidnapped by a bunch of crazies, tortured and then stuffed into a trunk for later games. The events that happen next can be described as a hard course in irony. Warning: This film may leave you with a very bleak outlook on humanity.

• Foreboding Quote: We don’t wanna off someone first night out. I mean, it’d be a shame to get this floor all messed up with blood.
• Trivia: The realistic movie blood was a made up of red and blue food coloring mixed with caramel syrup.

49- Ringu (1998): A cursed video tape ends up Ringukilling anyone who is unfortunate enough to watch it. This is the film that inspired the American remake.

• Disturbing Scenes: Just about all of the black & white flashback scenes freak me out.
• Tagline: One curse, one cure, one week to find it.
• Trivia: To get the unnatural movements of Sadako coming out of the well, the actress was filmed walking backwards and the film was run in reverse.

50- Stuck (2008): An overworked nurse commits a hit-and-run Stuckwith one small technicality. As the unbelievable events unfold she finds that her destiny will be tied directly to her victim. A very solid and well made film.

• Tagline: Two destinies are about to collide.

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