The new Scattante Americano Three is out and is looking like a pretty good option for those looking for a simple bike with a somewhat road bike feel. The Scattante Americano Three is from a line of five similar bikes with different feels from each other. Let us take a look at the new Scattante Americano Three now.

Scattante Americano Three Specifications

Weight – 24.5 pounds

Frame – Chromoly steel fork, butted chromoly steel frame

Components – Tektro R320 brakes, Alex R500 rims, Formula hubs, Kenda 28c tires, Ritchey headset, Velo saddle

Scattante Americano Three Weight is Average

While bikes keep getting lighter and lighter, don’t expect the Scattante Americano Three to set any records on the racetrack! This bike is basically a steel framed road bike that is modified for cruising the streets.

The weight of the bike is not a concern as most people looking to purchase a bike of this type aren’t concerned about grams per pound.

Scattante Americano Three Comfort

While this bike is probably not for everybody, it is for those looking for an extremely comfortable bike to ride around town with the kids, this bike may not be for them. Due to the minimal seat size and quasi road bike feel, many people may find the bike uncomfortable.

That being said, if you are looking for a nice bike to ride around town and yet you still want a little bit of a sporty feel, this could be the bike for you. Many cyclists who put on a lot of miles on their road bikes still want a road bike feel even when riding around town. The Scattante Americano Three will give them that feel.

Scattante Americano Three Price

The Scattante Americano Three lists at just $600. Other comparable bikes include the Electra Delivery 3i which goes for $800, the Globe Daily 2 listing for $610, and the Public Bikes D1 that lists for $550. All of these bikes are of similar quality and are very reasonably priced. You just need to check them out and find the bike that works for you.

Who Should Buy the Scattante Americano Three?

Scattante Americano Three

As mentioned above, if you are a road bike rider and love the feel of a road bike and do not want to be riding around town on a fat tired bike, this is the bike for you.  (If you are in the market for a nice road bike take a look at the Cervelo R5 or the Specialized Allez Comp Compact M2 Apex.)  With a very reasonable price and good comfort level the Scattante Americano Three would be a good investment.