Does Scenar Therapy Really Work?

For natural pain relief there is no better treatment than Scenar Therapy, a popular form of treatment all over the world. Scenar is an abbreviation for Self Controlled Energetic Neuro Adaptive Regulator and is a device that was invented by Russian scientists in the 1970s. It went on to be used as a common medical aid device since its size was small and compact. It is a quick method of treatment for acute health conditions that involve pain. There are no side effects and it is absolutely safe.

Ganadi Fursov and Alexander Nadtochy were electronic engineers who initially discovered the merits of this kind of therapy. Dr Alexander Karasev developed the form of treatment so that it could be used by people and he demonstrated the method to space program scientists. He was able to prove that it even works on wrinkles and can smoothen them out with rejuvenation. The therapy was first used in maternity hospitals for healing bruises in babies very effectively. In fact Dr Karasev and his family have never used medicines again and instead have use the therapy that he perfected. Due to the efforts of these people the therapy is used all over the world. 

How Scenar Therapy Works

The treatment is applied with the help of a compact device that runs on batteries which can run for a long period of time. The technology that has been incorporated in the device activates nerve impulses and gives inputs to the body's central nervous system. This establishes homeostasis and brings about an internal balance and speeds up the healing process by using the body's bioactive compounds in such a way that a person does not become aware of it. The only thing that he does notice is a fast progression to good health brought about by the therapy. 

When Scenar therapy is applied an electrode is applied to the skin of the person and he will sense a sort of tingling immediately. There is no pain and the tingling feeling is only when the electrode touches the skin. The electrode is moved over the person's body until it locates the right area for application. Once that is done it will energize the nervous system so that it produces neuropeptides which are healing chemicals produced by the body. This ensures that the healing effects that take place are long lasting and irreversible. 

The effectiveness of the treatment is based on the fact that the effects continue long after the treatment as the unresponsive areas become energized. Also, in Scenar therapy each impulse is different from the previous one and this differentiates the treatment from others where the body becomes unresponsive after some time.

Scenar Therapy Device

The device that is used in the therapy was made for cosmonauts who used to go out into space and had needed an effective treatment without the help of a doctor. This device was ideal since it is very portable and could treat cosmonauts easily while they're in space. It is after the success of the device while the cosmonauts were using it that became famous throughout the world as a device to reduce pain and provide relief in various illnesses. 

The best part about the device is that you can apply yourself and use it at home without any issue. It will save you a lot of money that you might spend on a therapist. This is a device that is made for home use which you can use without the need of therapist. Some people like it to a personal health assistant because you can carry it with you even when you're travelling and a slider cell phone which is always next to you. As soon as you have a sore back or neck, and upset stomach, strong migraine, or sprain a ligament, you can immediately take it out and apply it wherever the pain is. The device is able to get rid of pain within minutes. 

It runs on batteries which will last a long time. The Scenar Pro device is meant for medical practitioners and allows them provide effective trick it uses various interactive neutron simulations which reduce pain and improve areas where there is a disability. The device gives you an electrical stimulation through impulses transmitted through the body via a remote electrode that is put in contact with your skin. These blocks out pain immediately as soon as the maximum dosage is applied. The Pro version can be applied to 3 points in your body including the skull, the face, and at any part of your body.

Using the Therapy for Headaches

The treatment is very effective to treat headaches and device placed on the neck and switched on and fill the tingling sensation is experienced. This is the best place to treat headaches using this therapy. The device can be turned up to a level where the dosage can be increased in case the patient is in extreme pain. This also shows that if the pain is more the device can be adjusted accordingly. The electrode plate of the device is used to slide down the neck and then on the shoulders and moved in a sideways action from the spine to the shoulders and back. In case the patient points out a specific area of pain the device can be stopped there for more focused application. 

In fact, the device can detect the area of by itself because when it passes over that area the flag electroplating holds onto the skin in that area. This is a clear indication that the area of pain is at that spot. The particular area can be treated thoroughly until the electrode plate stops sticking to the skin, and is able to slide over the body smoothly again. In case the device cannot take any sticky areas then it means that the pain lies somewhere else. In such a case the device is moved to other areas of the body and the investigation continues. 

There is another treatment for headaches which is called the watermelon technique. In this technique, an attachment is used which is like a hair brush and it is moved on the head as though the person is combing his hair. Practitioners use this technique to search for any sore areas on the head so that the device can be applied to that area. 

The Scenar is run over the infected area like the spine or abdomen while it is being run there is software which records the response predetermined signals which are characterized by a tingling sensation. When this activity is in progress the practitioner has to look for anomalies on the skin surface, which may be in the form of numbness, redness, the stickiness or a change in the sound. These may not be exactly related to symptoms but by treating these anomalies the healing process will begin. It is said that for practitioner to gain a thorough experience it can take up to 4 years after which he will be a master. 

In cases which are very chronic treatment may last a long duration up to even six weeks but it will have a long-term positive impact. It is effective in 80% of all cases and there is a full recovery in 70% of the cases. The remaining cases see a good healing process taking place. The Scenar is very versatile in the sheer range of treatments that it can be applied to, and also shows the unique ability to fasten the healing process. This is what makes it unique and a stand-alone system of treatment especially in case of acute symptoms.

Scenar is licensed in the US as pain relief and muscle re-education therapy and is well known as a pain relief method in Europe. It has a unique ability to reduce pain in a short period of time, and this has been documented by studies that have been carried out by universities and medical institutions. The therapy has had a positive impact in the treatment of various diseases including those related to the circulatory system, respiratory system, the digestive system, male genital and urinary tracts, eyes and ears, oral cavity and job-related issues, skin and subcutaneous tissues, and many other areas of health.

It is a therapy that has found many uses in emergency medical assistance because of its property of relieving pain fast and accelerating the clinical course of pathological processes and decreasing evidence. In fact, patients tend to spend less time on drugs and rehabilitation because of this wonderful therapy that is now available commonly in all areas of the world. The number of medical errors that used happen has also reduced dramatically. Many medical observations have been using this therapy for a long time now and also tag your demonstrations and seminars globally.

Scenar Therapy Side Effects?

The good part about this therapy is that there have been no unwanted side-effects in all the years. This is a welcome change from other medical methods which have side-effects that are seen after the treatment is over. The only word of caution is that the therapy should be applied by medical practitioners who have been thoroughly trained and have good experience. The other contraindication is for people who may be wearing cardiac pacemakers and need to be careful before availing of this treatment.

Scenar therapy has been in use for over 25 years and tens of thousands of people have been successfully treated. It is a technology that does not have any side-effects and takes up very little time the device that is used for the treatment is also very small and compact and can be carried around very easily. The device can also be taken around and used in confined races and uses very less energy as compared to other medical devices, is also very robust and study, and does not need extensive training for usage. During the time of treatment it can be used on several patients at the same time sensitive so portable and it reacts to the needs of the client making it very user-friendly.