Scented Bath Oils - Scents and Fragrances for Skin, Stress and Sleep

When bathing, one should consider the use of scented bath oils. Imagine experiencing the stress-relieving wonders a few drops of scented body oils in your bathtub can bring. The regular use of scented bath oils, can hit two birds with one stone. There's the sweet aroma that creates a relaxed environment plus body oil properties that possess the ability to soften and nourish the skin. This is because warm water in baths opens up the pores thus letting the oils in and moisturizing the skin in the process. Scented bath oils make the bathing routine a more worthwhile experience. These are perfect for those individuals who are overworked, anxious, stressed and lack the luxury of going to spas.


The Market today offers a list of alternative bathing products other than scented bath oils. Soaps and salts are also available. Both are also additives to baths, but each has distinctive features from one another. While scented bath oils are best known to tackle dry skin and moisturize, bath salts have a reputation of adding trace minerals like zinc and magnesium to your bath. These are minerals which our bodies need a small amount of. Salts are also great to soften the rough areas of skin such as the knees elbows and heels. Many bath salts even have aroma-therapeutic qualities like those of scented bath oils. And like bath oil beads, bath salts come in a wide range of colors and scents. Bath soaps are another alternative to scented bath oils, though most brands are known to dry skin instead of nourishing it. Also existing are the natural made soaps. Meaning, ingredients are organic which make it healthier choice. In purchasing bath soaps one must take into mind the quality especially its texture and scent so to reap the maximum benefits of the stress relieving product.

The Market

Modern scented bath oils are available in a wide variety of scents and brands. They can either be bought in bottles or in beads. Beads are considered the more amusing choice because of the variations of color. They are also more convenient to use than oils because they eliminate the possibility of spillage. All you have to do is take a bead and drop in into the tub. Scented bath oils are readily available in bath and body care stores and online shops. 2-4 oz bottles can cost an average of 5-7 dollars. For those of you who want to save up and be creative, tutorials are also available online if you want to formulate your very own blend of scented bath oils. They mainly instruct you to mix an essential oil, carrier oil and the optional colorant which after blending is placed in a bottle. Go gaga on the different scents, one to fit your every mood and need.

Want to feel vitalized? Try the sweet scent of rosemary. Haven't got any sleep lately? Why not try the sedating and calming effects of Lavender. Are you in love? Be smothered by the invigorating smell of roses. You name it. This is just one advantageous aspect of scented bath oils. The fact that essential oils are the pure essences of herbs makes them an all-natural, organic and healthier choice. And because it is scented it has a way of stimulating the senses.

The perfect gift

Scented bath oils dates back to the Stone Age. No, people back then did not have bathtubs but the existence of bath oils started with the prehistoric combination of olive oil and sesame oil with an added fragrance. Through history, these fragrant oils served a specific religious purpose as well. Aromatherapy also comes up when we talk about scented bath oils. Different scents can alter a person's state of mind, mood, cognitive function and health. Though the efficiency of aromatherapy is doubted with lack of study, there is evidence of its undeniable therapeutic potential. The aromatherapy market is fast growing which means that people have faith in its sensual healing. Scented bath oils have gone a long way, with all the benefits that can be drawn from this bath product. These make them wonderful gifts to coworkers, family, friends and loved ones. It's as if you are giving them a bottle or beads of peace and treating them to a stress free pass. Anybody who might need to relax at the end of a long, hard day will surely appreciate theses scented bath oils that promote wellness. Escape from the daily rush and surrender your senses to the calming, vitalizing or stimulating effects of scented bath oils.