Scented Body Oils for Stress, Skin and Sleep

In a list of body products, scented body oils are never absent and are never given low priority. They are considered VIP because they are often all-in-one beauty products. The best part is: they come in different scents which appeal to different people, making the sensation more personal and intimate.

Sources of these oils

It is important to understand the nature of these oils and where they are extracted from. Scented body oils are smooth, thick liquids most primarily used to improve the quality of the body or even hair, and they have specific fragrances. Most oils are clear, with the exception of a few. They are distilled and extracted from flowers, seeds, fruits, leaves, bark, roots and resins, ideally without the use of chemicals from organically grown plants. They are highly concentrated as they contain the true essence of any plant. In the case of body oils, a little goes a long way. These oils improve skin condition, aid in massages, elevate a person's mood, and among others. They never disappoint.

When to use

The most preferred time that one can lather scented body oils is after a shower or a long, relaxing bath because the pores are open. Women usually use these perfumed oils to achieve healthy, smooth and shiny skin. Skin also appears softer after prolonged use, giving women, ranging from college-aged and older, a fresh, sophisticated, young look. Fragrant body oils also generally last longer on the body than spray perfumes by rubbing on pulse points, providing a lasting fragrance release. They are also often called perfume oils and are available in calming and aromatic scents for men and women. No morning compares to a scented body oil experience after a lush shower, energizing your nerves to prepare you for the busy day ahead. They give the natural spa feeling after application on the skin without the pressure of paying for facilities in luxurious establishments.

Employing massages with scented oils

Speaking of luxurious establishments, massages are never complete without excellent body oil with the fragrance of choice. Usually the most used during sensual massages are avocado oil and sweet almond oil, due to their availability in health food stores. Massage oils are usually thinner than usual body oils, however, which help in absorption and a smoother massage experience. Scented body oils are essential to achieve the best therapeutic effects as they make it easier to rub the body while creating a lovely environment by contributing a pleasant scent. A perfect example would be using scented body oils during your stay at the seaside. A massage at a picnic spot or particularly at the seaside is the best possible way to relax while freeing your mind and body in the healing powers of the sea. This is very effective to relieve depression. The world's most powerful life source holds the key to health, beauty and relaxation. There is an intrinsic relationship between you and the sea. The mind-blowing scene of the sea gives you an aquatic rebirth for the soul, and a massage with the best quality of scented body oil will rejuvenate your body at the same time. Body oils don't only make you look good; they also make you feel good.


Before you pick out just any random bottle of body oil, it is important to note that body oils come in variations, and are not created equally. Some are filled with dyes and synthesized fragrances that would only crush the purpose of purchasing them in the first place. Pay attention to ingredients and derivatives and be on the look out for scented body oils that only contain aromas that are naturally derived (e.g. nuts, spices, or flowers), and devoid of alcohol and artificial colors. Place your faith to those that are made solely of essential oils made strictly from tree nuts (such as almond oil) or plants (such as olive oil), and that contain fragrances derived solely from natural sources (such as lavender).


In today's modern age, personal care product marketers are creating products that are more accessible to the growing number of consumers so they can enjoy the benefits of body products without having to carve extra time out of their already busy lifestyles. Body oils are now considered functional products that aren't just for the serious massage enthusiasts, but also for those who wish to attain and maintain a little bliss in between their everyday routine.

Every morning, it is quite easy to attain a ready-for-anything feeling while sporting radiant, soft skin and a seductive fragrance with the scented body oil of your choice. The therapeutic and cosmetic benefits are quite incomparable, and so is the rejuvenating experience that elevates your mood that one achieves after that smooth, sensual sensation.