Scented Candle Gift Ideas for Any Holiday or Occasion


Scented Candle Gift

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When searching for a holiday gift that is easy to find, used by many people, affordable and can be presented in many forms to personalize it, consider a scented candle gift.

Various Types of Scented Candle Gifts:


Candle Warmer

Soy Wax Candle

Apothecary Jar



Pillar Candles

Tealight Candles

Gel candles

Taper Candles

Floating Candles

Purchase a scented candle gift for a host of people on your holiday shopping list such as a teacher, neighbor, co-worker, friend, pastor, babysitter, hairdresser, lawn care attendant, doorman, club member, secret Santa gift, new neighbor, gardener, the carpool members, a boss, the dog walker, your favorite bartender or server to name a few!

Think of all the people that help you during the year and acknowledge them by showing your appreciation with a thoughtful gift they'll use and love.

A scented candle gift can be given alone or presented in a simple, yet attractive presentation using a little imagination with the recipient in mind.

Give a wax flameless candle gift set with remote control from for those that want a long lasting candle without flames.

Ideas to Present a Scented Candle Gift:

Coffee Mug – add a coffee scented candle to a coffee mug with a coffee sample and wrap with cellophane for the coffee lover on your gift list.

Holiday Decorative Votive Holder – choose your favorite scent in a votive candle and add to a festive holiday votive holder, wrap with cellophane and add a pretty bow.

Apothecary Jar – these scented candles are already set to go and prevent any mess from dripping candle wax. Simply wrap one with cellophane, tissue or place in a gift box ready to give.

Gift Basket for Book Lover – choose a variety of scented tea lights and arrange in a gift basket with filler, add your favorite book and small reading lamp for the book lover on your gift list.

Gift Basket for Bath Lover – add a few aromatherapy scented candles to a gift basket with filler, a loofah mitt and shower gel for the person that needs pampered on your gift list.

Candle Warmer – purchase this electric plate that allows any jar candle to scent the air without burning the flame, the electricity heats the wax instead and add any one of many jar candles. Wrap them together with cellophane or place in a decorative holiday box with bow.

Travel Tin – purchase a medium sized holiday tin and fill with votive or gel candles with a set of earplugs and eye mask for the traveler on your gift list. Simply wrap and add a bow for the traveler on your holiday gift list.

Pet Lover – use a galvanized tin, add filler and place a few citrus scented candles along with a pet calendar and small pet toy, wrap with cellophane and a bow.

Food Lover – use any small gift basket with filler, add one or two food scented candles in many styles available, and add a set of wooden spoons or cookbook, wrap in cellophane for the Food lover on your gift list.

Vegetarian – give a wooden salad bowl with citrus scented candles in any of the varieties, add some filler, wrap in clear cellophane and add a festive bow.

Hostess – if you'll be attending a party during the holidays, consider presenting your hostess with a few scented pillar candles or floating candles on a small serving tray with filler, add a few decorative ornaments, wrap in cellophane and add a pretty bow.

Best Babysitter – find an attractive holiday basket, use filler and add a few small games, music or gift card with one of the small jar candles, wrap in cellophane and add a bow.

New Home – create a small gift basket for the new homeowner including a sampling of votive, jar and tea light candles with a candle snuffer and photo frame. Wrap with decorative cellophane and add a festive bow for a simple and easy holiday gift.

New Neighbor – purchase a small decorative basket, add a sampling of tea light candles, gel candles, votive candles and filler with a small batch of wrapped holiday treats you make such as candies or cookies to welcome your new neighbor.

Hairdresser – put a gift basket together using some items for your hairdresser to take time and pamper herself such as a special body lotion, hand cream with cotton gloves and a scented candle in her favorite color or scent, wrap all together with cellophane and add a beautiful bow.

Beautiful Nails – make a gift basket or tin with a few votive candles, filler and add any number of nail care items such as nail file, nail soak, hand cream or small manicure set, wrap together with cellophane and a simple holiday bow for the friend with beautiful fingernails.

The Decorator – for the friend that loves to decorate, use a gift basket and coordinating filler color with a few taper candles, set of candle sticks and a holiday decoration wrapped in colored cellophane and add a big bow.

Gardener – Find a large glass bowl or vase, fill with natural, decorative stones or marbles and place a container candle in the center. Wrap a large bow on the outside of the bowl or base.

The Boss – use a gift basket and add a jar candle, filler, a stress ball, pen and journal wrapped with cellophane and add a bow.

Sports Fan – use a galvanized tin filled with the team color in filler, a sport team towel, snacks and votive candle for the sports fan on your list. Wrap it all in cellophane with a bow.

The Diva – choose a lovely gift basket, add filler and a piece of jewelry like earrings or bracelet, scarf or pair of gloves with a scented candle all wrapped with cellophane and a bow.


Give scented candle gifts to any responsible adult that would be aware of the dangers of leaving burning candles unattended.

Use your imagination to create a scented candle gift that can be given to many people on your holiday gift list with personalization of the recipient in mind. These are just of the ideas you can use and they may help you get your own creative juices flowing to consider more ideas. Buy baskets, filler, tins and scented candles online at amazon or any other place that is easy to find and start creating your gifts early.