- If you have to use a regular razor then the Schick Quattro is hard to beat in terms of getting a close shave.
- The cost has been said to be high according to some people but keep in mind that the disposable blades last much longer than other brands. Some studies have shown these to last up to 40% longer than the comparable Gillette brand.
- I used to go with a cheaper brand and would regularly get cut when shaving in a hurry. That doesn't happen with this razor due to the design where it bends to match the outline of your face.


- I really can't think of many cons to using the Schick Quattro unless you have a better alternative like a straight razor or electric shaver.

Full Review

I remember growing up and learning from my dad how to shave for the first time. He always used the cheapest brand of razors and it was a task to keep from getting the occasional nicks and cuts from time to time. When I got older and able to get my own I soon realized there was a big difference and it was worth it to pay that little extra for more quality. Here in recent years the Schick Quattro had been my straight razor or choice and it's hard to beat in terms of overall quality.

I have heard from some people that price is an issue when talking about the Schick Quattro and how the added cost of the disposable blades can be a pain. But many people don't take into consideration that they last much longer than other disposables for the other brands. So yeah you might be paying two or three times as much upfront but if they last two or three times as long then doesn't it all balance out in the end anyways?

Something else to keep in mind is the closeness of the shave with the Schick Quattro. I can tell you firsthand that some of the people around me noticed a difference when I changed razors. My fiance immediately made the comment how smooth my face was in comparison to when I used to the alternative brands. It was like something from one of the commercials. This also makes a difference when you shave early in the morning and work long hours because you don't have as much shadow in the afternoon.

Perhaps the thing that I like most about the Schick Quattro is the comfort and feel when using it to shave. As I mentioned in the past it was common for me to get several nicks and cuts in the process of shaving. I can honestly say that not once have I been cut when using this razor. That is because the design allows for it to move matching the outline of your face but still give a close shave.

At the end of the day this is probably the best razor that I've used and would recommend it to anybody unable to use an electric or straight razor. All the other people that I know who use this product are pleased with it as well.

In Closing

I highly recommend the Schick Quattro for anyone that either prefers or has to use a straight razor. It offers a total package of effective cost, durability, close shave and comfort.