Schlage Storeroom Lock 

Features of a Schlage Storeroom Lock:

Since 1920, Schlage has been a lock manufacturer known for their high quality residential door locks, and their high security commercial locks. Schlage storeroom locks are more expensive than discount door locks, but the quality an innovation of Schlage makes them the preferred brand of door locks by contractors, locksmiths, and security companies.  As opposed to cheap door locks, Schlage locks are constructed with forged brass for protection from not only lock pickers but also brute force entry.  Schlage residential locks are guaranteed to perform forever, and commercial locks have a 3 year warranty.  


What is a storeroom lock?

Schlage door locks come in a wide variety of styles, designs and functions.  The style of the lock you choose is determined by your personal taste, and the decor of the building the door locks are being installed.  For example, in a very luxurious setting like an attorney’s office or investment firm, standard “knob” style would be appropriate.  Whereas in an everyday office setting, the “handle” style commercial door locks are more practical and durable.  In both cases a ANSI Grade 1 commercial lock would be required.

However, the “function” or type of lock is determined by use of the room behind the door.  Commercial door locks can be broken down into 4 different functions:

Commercial Entry Locks - Schlage entry locks are some of the most secure available.  The entrance lock is designed to be the most secure exterior locking mechanism.  It can be locked from inside or outside with a key on the outside, and by turning a dial, or pressing a button on the inside.  

Privacy Locks - Privacy locks are used on the interior of a building, and feature a “one way” locking mechanism.  Most commonly used in bathrooms, privacy door locks can be locked from the inside, but do not use a key or cylinder on the outside for entry.  They are usually designed with some sort of emergency unlocking mechanism, but are generally only supposed to be locked or unlocked from the inside.  

Passage Locks - Schlage passage locks are not really locks in the sense that they to not have a key or cylinder mechanism.  Their purpose is to only keep the door “latched” and easily opened with knobs on both sides of the door.

Schlage Storeroom Locks - Schlage storeroom locks differ from any other type of lock, because it is designed to stay locked at all times.  Most commonly used on supply closets, they have an auto-locking mechanism that makes sure no unwanted visitors can enter the storeroom.  Entry is only granted with a key, however the door can always be opened by turning the interior knob.  

Where to buy schlage storeroom locks:

You can buy the majority of schlage commerical locks at your local home improvement store, or from your locksmith.  If you are looking for a direct replacement, the best discount commercial door locks can be found on authority sites like  Be sure you verify the “function” of the lock before purchasing and be certain it will perform how it is required.