Every year, a greater number of American families find themselves supported by a single parent. Often, single parent families are the products of divorce or unwanted pregnancy; women are usually the lone parent who must then support a child or even children. Children need more than just food and shelter, so the parent must be a strong emotional core for them.

Luckily, there are some institutions of higher learning that offer scholarships specifically to single parents - especially single mothers - who want to further their careers and better support their family. A few even give full rides out to single parents: tuition, board, and any other costs are paid for by the school itself to help the parent afford to attend.

Single parent scholarships generally cover tuition, books, and any other costs for those who are eligible; some of them have a set of parameters to determine who can actually qualify for the scholarship.

Single parent scholarships are only offered to students that absolutely need financial aid and have at least one dependent child. A single parent might have their scholarship discontinued if they marry while attending. Financial assistance for single moms can make a big difference in a mother's ability to attend school.

Generally, the parent-students that receive the scholarships learn how to improve their social, writing, and computer skills. They also learn well-tested techniques to aid their career exploration and ensure their future success.

Most single parent scholarships require that recipients attain a minimum grade point average in order to continue receiving scholarship benefits. Most students have to achieve a 2.5 GPA in order to pass, but a scholarship recipient might have to get at least 3.0 GPA to remain eligible. Some scholarships make the parent student repay them when they graduate; in that sense, they're more like loans.

And you might find that a few single parent scholarships are very strict concerning eligibility. If you want to find a worthwhile program, look for those that give you a little elbow room; single parents have a lot on their plates.

Definitely explore scholarships for single parents that can help you and your kids at the same time. If you are looking to find the money for single mothers to go to school, you should definetly seek out scholarship programs. Many scholarship programs aren't extremely extensive, but some do offer a daycare service for children so that the parent can go to classes; these programs are based on available funds.

Single parents should look into these scholarship programs if they're thinking about going back to school. An online search for scholarships for single parents should go a long way to finding what you need.

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