School Boards suing the States

I can not find any sensible reason for the school boards of certain districts suing the state for more money. The way I see it the only ones who get anything from it are the lawyers.

Were I a judge trying one of these cases the first hing I would want to know is; How is the money to be spent? If it is for teacher salary increases, or superintendent's salary increases, building maintenance, new equipment or just for nice to have items.

Who has to pay for this extra money? I'll tell you who, you and me. I am not in a financial situation that allows me to give the school districts more money when I can't pay my own bills. When you think that should they win an increase only $.60 on the dollar will go to the district and $.40 will go to the lawyers.

With our current economy the states have had to cut the expenses because there is less coming in. Where do we make the cuts? I haven't got the answer for that, nor does anyone entirely. We Americans love to place blame on someone, so I will tell you to find someone to blame just look in a mirror.

The largest entity in the America is government. How did it get that way, we asked for it. We wanted better highways, more police, better libraries, better hospitals, our streets cleaned, sewer lines, leaves picked up, annual trash pick up, a large well equipped military, etc.

These things don't happen by them selves. We elect officials who will get the things we want and then we bitch about the cost. When the cost get out of hand we want someone to stop getting what they want so we can have what we want. And the cycle goes on.

I grew up in a time when we had a globe and old maps to study with, we had books that had been used by several classes before me. We used newspapers for current events, we had teachers that were not being threatened by students. We provided our own pencil and paper, those that had shared with those who didn't. When I finished school I could read and write, I knew all fifty states and their capitals, Who the president and vice president was, could recite the Gettysburg Address, Knew the preamble to the constitution and many more things that students today have never heard of.

So I ask the question again why do the school boards and districts feel they need more money? Because with 10% unemployment there just isn't enough money to go around.

If your district is one that has this huge need that only more money from the state fill i challenge you to challenge them to explain what the money is for. Don't accept a brief all consuming answer, demand a detailed listing and a reason for those items needed.

Can we really afford to buy it now, can we make do on what we have, can we stop the unnecessary spending, and the salary increases. With people losing their jobs everyday do we really need it that bad.