The Truth about School Bullying


School bullying refers to different types of aggressive acts that are directed at a student with the aim of demeaning them or subjecting them to humiliation. Though it is not very well documented through the decades, it is common and causes considerable psychological torment to those who go through it.

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School bullying is more common than what most of us might think. Statistics show that 30-80% of students attending institutions of learning have gone through some form of bullying in one way or another. Due to the fear that is instilled in the minds of victims, school bullying can be perpetuated for a long time before it comes to light. It is unfortunate that school authorities get wind of this form of molestation when the damage that the victim has sustained is at an advanced stage.

Where does Bullying Occur?

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School bullying can occur in different settings within a school such as toilets, in the classroom, or in hostels and dormitories. This normally occurs in the absence of teachers. It is also common when students are leaving school, when using public transport vehicles and in many other places. At times it can involve one individual bullying another or at times it may be a group of students who team up to harass an individual or group.

One reason why this type of abuse goes on for such a long time is that a lot of students either tolerate it or just ignore what is happening around them. It is this kind of apathy or disinterest by other students that fuels or perpetuates the aggressive conduct of the aggressors or bullies.

Forms of Bullying

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The most common form of school bullying is verbal and non-verbal. This form of bullying is aimed at degrading the victims’ sense of esteem and to cause emotional or psychological damage through malicious talks, rumors, gossiping, and sneering or jeering. Other forms of bullying which falls into this category include name calling and making snide remarks about the person’s dressing or appearance in jest.

Physical Trauma

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Physical school bullying is a very traumatizing ordeal for majority of victims who are subjected to physical abuse. Normally, the bully may pinch box, kick, shove, or slap the victim in a very demeaning manner. Sometimes, it is accompanied with verbal abuse, both go hand in hand. So it’s not unusual to find that bullies who use derogatory verbal remarks also use physical abuse to mistreat or torture their student victims.

 Regardless of the form of school bullying, it ultimately leaves the victims with lifelong trauma to deal with. Sometimes, the victims may find themselves in dilemma whether to report to the school administration or to shut up. Guardians and teachers should be wary and act promptly if they suspect students are being subjected to any kind of bullying within or outside the school environment.


In conclusion, majority of students go through school bullying at some point in their life. It is categorized into physical, verbal or emotional categories.  It tends to occur in many school settings and outside the school. Victims are subjected to snide remarks or physical abuse such as kicking and boxing. It is a controversial issue since it is perpetuated without the knowledge of school authorities