School Bus (26646)

Summer is over and children have returned to the classroom. School buses are running and children all over the country are waiting at bus stops, walking, skateboarding or riding their bicycles to and from school. Drivers must keep an eye out for children walking or bicycling in the street, especially where there are no sidewalks. While many intersections near schools have crossing guards, many do not and unfortunately children do not always pay attention to the traffic around them. Looking "both" ways may be forgotten when they are talking or text messaging with friends on cell phones or talking with their companions while walking to and from school.

It is up to drivers to pay special attention on the road and watch out for children during the school year. Always obey the traffic laws, traffic signals, and speed limits. Particularly school zone speed limits. To ignore a school zone speed limit could end in a tragic accident or at a minimum an expensive speeding ticket. Law enforcement does pay special attention to school speed zones. Also, watch for children crossing in areas other than the designated cross walks. A child can appear from between parked cars in an instant without ever looking for traffic. Also, don't allow yourself to become a distracted driver. It only takes two seconds of distraction to double the risk of an accident. DO NOT TEXT and DRIVE. Electronic distractions have become a major traffic safety issue. Cell phones, GPS units, and other electronic devices have contributed to a significant number of crashes, many leading to serious injury or even death.