When either baking sweets or cooking savory dishes, a Schwartz spice rack can come in handy. I mean, after all, spices are what give food its flavor, you need to have them easily at hand while cooking and baking. Therefore, the idea of keeping your Schwartz spices sitting in the cabinet or on the counter, or jumbled up in a drawer, is simply not workable.

First of all, you need to protect the integrity of the bottles so that the spices stay fresh, and the flavors stay locked in and sealed. After all, since the whole point of using the spices in your food is to flavor it, that's a pretty critical component. If you keep your spice bottles jumbled up in a drawer or basket, or you keep them stuffed onto a lazy susan alongside your condiments and pain reliever bottles, there's a good chance the glass can become cracked, letting oxygen into the bottle, or that either the cap or the seal located under the cap can become permanently loosened, also allowing oxygen into the spice bottle and ruining the flavor of the spices.

Not only does this compromise the taste of the food you are cooking, it is also a needless waste of the money that you initially spent on the spices, and the money you will need to spend to replace them. Spices are not cheap. They average approximately five dollars per bottle, but rarer or more difficult to process spices can range from fifty dollars to one hundred dollars per bottle. Then, consider the fact that you don't just have one or two spices in your collection, but many times upwards of twenty or thirty expensive bottles of spices. The cost involved is absolutely a good reason to get a spice rack to take good care of your spices.

The second reason to keep your Schwartz spices in a spice rack instead of a drawer or cabinet is convenience. When you are cooking or baking, it adds time to the process to have to stop and search for each new spice. To have to pick up each bottle, read the label, accept it or reject it, put it back if it's not the right one, move on to the next bottle, and repeat the process. I can feel moments slipping away even as I write it out!

Particularly if you are tackling difficult recipes where the timing of when the ingredients are being added is a critical component to how the dish turns out, you really need to have a system in place where you know exactly where on the spice rack each bottle is located, and you grab them each quickly when they are needed because it is simply second nature.

Spice racks for your Schwartz spices come in a few different styles. First of all, you will need to decide if you want a metal spice rack or a wooden spice rack. This is a decision that will largely depend on the decor of your kitchen. Metal tends to go better with cleaner, sleeker, more modern design, while wood beautifully complements warm, traditional, and down-home kitchen decorating design themes.

The next aspect you must decide on is the shape of the spice rack. You can get round spice racks that spin on a rotating foundation, similar to a lazy susan, and that have round holes drilled in the vertical pillars between the top and the bottom which perfectly accommodate each spice bottle. The bottles, when the rack is full, face outward from the four perpendicular columns at ninety degree angles to one another, creating the effect of a pinwheel, and making the lid of each spice bottle (which generally have the name of the spice affixed to a sticker on top of them) easily visible.

Another choice is the small shelved design which fits nicely over the back of a door or along the interior wall of a cabinet or pantry, or simply along your backsplash at the back of the counter. These are quite decorative because you can see the actual bottles, and the rich colors of the spices inside are quite beautiful. The decision of which design of spice rack to buy is one that will be based largely on your space needs in your kitchen, but what style the kitchen is decorated in will, of course, play into this decision somewhat as well.

The last decision you need to make when shopping for and purchasing a spice rack is the size. How many spice bottles need to be accommodated by the rack?

Small racks are available which hold only six or eight bottles, and these would be ideal for someone who lived alone and only cooked for one person, or a person or couple who live in a small space and don't have a lot of storage room either on their counter or in their cabinets. On the higher end, there are some spice racks which are made to hold up to fifty spice bottles. This would, of course, be intended for someone who is a very serious cook, possibly even a professional, and someone who has plenty of space to accommodate the quite sizable rack.

No matter what decisions you make about the size and style of your Schwartz spice rack, one thing is for sure - you won't be disappointed with the purchase.