Schwinn is quite a popular brand of fitness equipment especially in the mid priced segment, it is a part of a company known as Nautilus Health and Fitness Group which manufactures all kinds of fitness equipment. Some of their exercise bikes and elliptical trainers are well known amongst fitness enthusiasts and trainers. Schwinn 418 elliptical trainer has received good reviews by a number of equipment reviewing sites though it is a mid range front drive elliptical trainer. It is meant for home use and not for any commercial use as the commercial equipment requires more heavy frames aSchwinnnd motors to take on rough use.

Schwinn 418 elliptical trainer has got 8 levels of resistance along with 12 workout programs. Its frame has a long warranty of 15 years which is good for any fitness equipment. But even at the current price tag there are a lot of choices in the market so if you are looking to buy Schwinn 418 elliptical trainer, you should also see what else is available with in the same price tag. Sole offers some good equipment.

This is a stationary elliptical trainer though it comes with the transportation wheels so that it is easy to move around. Overall it is a decent buy for anyone who is looking for a machine for use at home and has a limited budget. Fitness equipment should be bought keeping the exercise goals in mind, even if you have to stretch your budget to some extent. Exercise machines are used over a couple of years and you would not like to have a machine that wears out in a year or two. Always get a machine which has a heavy stable frame and a good motor if it is motorized. Other features are secondary. Most of the buyers go for the fluff like outer finish, speakers, screens or cup holders. The most important job of any fitness equipment is to give the right kind of exercise in the way you want so look for the basic feature first.