The Opening Salvo In The Pro-Science Conflict

The war against the ignorance and corruption that has allowed disease chauvinism to destroy millions of lives is now well underway. The deadly dogma claims that, for instance, cancer and heart ailments are legitimate diseases, but that persons who suffer the disease of addiction do so by their own “freewill choice.” The anti-science doctrine is still extremely widespread, but thanks to the lifesaving research being accomplished by the United States Government's National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) the chauvinists and their beneficiaries will soon become victims of the truth: Addiction is a chronic, relapsing, and terminal brain disease.

While the ranks of the science haters certainly include a few good-faith actors, the crowd is largely comprised of grossly evil and corrupt persons and entities that have built massively profitable fiefdoms on the graves of the ignorant and gullible worldwide populations they influence, dominate and control. That agencies of the US government are now leading the war of enlightenment may be ironic, but the gift horse should be cheered and not inspected. That some of the profiteers of the false and crumbling dogma will also be primary financial beneficiaries of the shifting maxims must also be declared irrelevant; the battle for scientific truth is not anti-profit, only anti-misery, anti-death and pro-civilization.

The falsely constructed “disease or choice” controversy has been kept alive for centuries by corrupt governments that can only rule and suppress a divided and backward populace. The level of a population's ignorance and gullibility required to maintain control over and exploit them becomes transparent when viewed in the light of scientific and medical progress that has shone on every aspect of afflictions and cures during just the past 100 years. The number of remediated and abated diseases has been legion, while the disease of addiction has remained a "character, moral, criminal, and willpower issue" since long before the middle ages.

Under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Nora D. Volkow, NIDA has led the world in researching the scientific and health aspects of the disease of addiction. While the truth about the perilous evils of disease chauvinism have been widely accepted within the reputable scientific community for years, the highly respected and honored Volkow has now gone before a wide public with that truth. In the video interview featured below, viewers will learn the real truth about addiction, be referred to further informational resources, and can then decide for themselves whether they want to cling to stoneage nonsense or join the lifesaving fight against the false views that continue to put every human life at risk. 

NIDA and the Science of Addiction

A CBS '60 Minutes' Segment

Accepted Scientific Definitions Reveal The Truth

For many generations, science has concisely defined "disease" as any deviation from or interruption of the normal structure or function of any body part, organ, or system that is manifested by a characteristic set of symptoms whose pathology, etiology and prognosis may be known or unknown. The research that has now correctly labeled addiction as a "terminal brain disease" notes that addiction produces symptoms that can be easily diagnosed, it is subject to routine relapse, it is progressive and leads to death, and it is treatable with medically provided pharmacology and psychiatry.

Further, research confirms that substance addiction is caused by a combination of genetic predisposition, cellular division anomalies, and irreversible changes in brain physiology and chemistry that are all triggered by the use of coping-skill replacements such as drugs and alcohol. After the noted "changes" have occurred, the addict is no longer capable of making a "free choice" to abstain from using the causative agent. Will power and moral character may help sick persons feel better, but they cannot, by themselves, cure diseases. 

Addiction - like heart disease and many forms of cancer - is preventable. The prevention element in addiction lies in avoiding the first use of addictive substances. Eating fat and decaying animal flesh, using tobacco, being exposed to excessive sun rays all rend terminal diseases; though their victims made the "free choice" to risk such known consequences, they are administered to as all people with any disease should be -- with compassion and medical treatment. Addiction sufferers must be afforded the same enlightened protocols.

The Beneficiaries of Ignorance

Obviously, governments - actually, the corrupt humans who administer them - have been the main beneficiaries of disease chauvinism. The fatal dogma has allowed these evil individuals to maintain power by casting their largesse of stolen and extorted property and labor into the hands of corporate entities that assure their benefactors' continued reign. This is state capitalism at its worst; pretending to serve the masses, but serving only the selectively chosen and the most corrupt.

Chief among the money earners in the disease chauvinism scam are the players in the prison industrial complex. These include private corporations that collect billions of government dollars to house imprisoned "drug offenders," while collecting billons more by furnishing prisoner labor to the world's largest manufacturing corporations. It is not by accident that more than half of all USA prison inmates are classified as being incarcerated for "drug related" offenses. The real criminals need impoverished addicts to meet the demand for "cheap labor."

Each and every bureaucratic agency - and its feckless employees - involved in the chauvinism preserving "war on drugs" also benefits from the theft of taxpayers' money. Such theft would be tolerable and ordinary within governments, but in the instant circumstance the continued stealing leads to the death of far too many. This group of beneficiaries will dissolve as reliable voting blocks, have to get real jobs, and leave their benefactors unelectable as disease chauvinism crumbles.

The richest and most murderous drug cartels and their underlings, of course, are also prime supporters of continuing to mistreat addiction as "a moral and criminal" issue. These violent parasites cannot function absent their designation as criminals. The collapse of the deadly chauvinist myths will deal fatal blows to many of the cartels' death dealing enterprises.

A decreasing number of medical quacks and pop-psych charlatans are also in the profit mix of the falling maxim. Perhaps they will find other legitimate uses for their corrupted skills.

The remaining insurance corps that rely on chauvinist dictates to deny or limit treatment to their addicted policy holders will also suffer as the lies are abandoned and science begins to further prevail. These white-collar evildoers will have to look for new ways to harm society.

Though the pharmacological corps have heartily profited from the scam of chauvinism, they will also be major players following the maxim shift. They will provide and profit from the concoctions that will finally begin to responsibly treat all addicted persons. Hopefully, this new revenue stream will enable such companies to cease pushing their psychotropic cocktails onto juvenile patients that have had no chance to develop the natural coping skills required to avoid the first use of brain altering addictive substances.

This massive cabal of hugely profitable evil is in its final throes. Twenty years from now, history will harshly judge all of the culprits in the current racketeering conglomerate that made their livings and fortunes from the death and misery of so many generations.

The Victims of Ignorance

Virtually everyone is related to or knows someone who has fallen victim to addiction. Most such addicts have faced the stigmatization and dehumanization rendered by disease chauvinism; the stigma and the shame it creates in addicts is a primary vendor of denial and treatment avoidance. If every disease was deemed a "moral and criminal" issue - as chauvinism deems addiction to be - no person would ever seek medical treatment. Every person who loves their family and friends is a potential victim of the ignorance and the corruption it allows to flourish.

Some Interim Solutions

As the delivery of a pharmacological cure for addiction is awaited, there is much that can and must be done. Even the most elementary arrows from the quiver of knowledge and experience must be put to use.

Drug awareness education among youth populations is and will remain the best addiction prevention scheme. Both private and government schools should be mandated to adopt major programs to help assure that every student knows how to avoid substance addiction. In the UK, the Amy Winehouse Foundation is helping to spearhead demands for such education; similar programs must be implemented worldwide.

The pop-psychology falsehood that only addicted persons who "want to be helped, can be helped" must be stripped from the modern lexicon. No civilized society allows the drowning to determine whether or not they will be rescued; likewise, persons in the grip of addiction should not be allowed to decide if a course of treatment is appropriate. Suffering from a terminal brain disease, addicts quite simply lack the mental acuity to determine the path to their own wellbeing. Governments must act to make all conventional rehabilitation regimes available to all addicted persons on a mandatory basis.

A de facto decriminalization of "drug use crimes" must be implemented among governments. Persons convicted of the same should be mandated to hospitalization and treatment, not imprisonment and exploitation.

Governments must work toward ending the failed and corrupt "war on drugs." That fraud-based war is a great revenue enhancer for corrupt governments and their criminal allies, but deals nothing but death and addiction to all affected populations. That fake war is the single greatest cause of the loss of respect for the rule of law that has been seen in the last 2,000 years. By violating the ancient creed of "don't make laws you cannot enforce," corrupt lawmakers and their vile bureaucracies have built generations of  citizens who have no regard for any element of the legal systems upon which civilization is reliant. The corruption is now a war on the world's children and has brought us to the brink of social destruction. Science dictates that it is time for strong leadership to halt the madness; though profitable for some, the pretend war must end.*

*NOTE: This solution element should not be confused with any kind of call for "drug legalization." It is a call to recognize that prohibition via armed force is a cash cow for governments, murderous criminals and corporate profiteers, but does nothing to help remediate the disease of addiction. Mandatory treatment - not imprisonment and not legalization - is the call.

Private charities that assist in funding treatment for addicts should be supported. The more such organizations can help financially, the less evil governments will be able to oppose needed changes by making false claims of "scarce funds."

Elected officials that openly call for the rejection of disease chauvinism should be supported with cash and votes. No politician who continues to support the status quo of criminalizing a disease should ever be reelected.

The Future

As the NIDA and Dr. Volkow have made clear, the delivery date of the pending remedies is unknown. What can be known is that each day additional progress in the effort is made. As we wait, we must seek to get in touch with both the thinking and feeling sides of our own humanity. We must seek to understand and accept the science that is going to change the way that the disease of addiction is dealt with. And, we must no longer tolerate the evil chauvinism that wrongfully brands the sick as weak and immoral criminals, makes them hide in blankets of denial and shame, and delays or precludes their medical treatment. In short, we must prove to ourselves that we as a society are deserving of the scientific miracles that we are about to receive.

Additional Resources on the Science of Addiction

The NIDA website contains large amounts of information about the true science of this controversy. Numerous useful links to other authority sites containing both lay and scientific information can be found in the AAN blog entry on the issue of disease chauvinism.