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Ask your children what they want to do when they grow-up and they'll probably say things like a singer, actor, doctor, fireman, or teacher. The reason for their answers is that they've been exposed to all of these professions and they have their own ideas of what these jobs are. If you would like to broaden your children's career choices you must expose them to various experiences and activities. If you would like to peak your children's interests in science, develop a curiosity in them by talking about science and doing the things on this list. Who knows, you might even create a "Science Geek!"

Science: Three Ways to Get Your Child Interested in Science and Possibly Even Become a Science Geek

Science museum
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Visit Local Science Museums

Science museums display objects having scientific interest and technology. Most offer interesting and fun interactive, hands-on exhibits. Museums play a leading role in transforming the nation's relationship with science and technology. These museums encourage people of all backgrounds to explore and develop their interests in understanding the natural and human-made world. Several offer special education tours for the pre-Kindergarten through the twelfth grade.

Every museum offers distinct exhibitions; some are permanent while others are ever changing.  Some museums even cater to children, such as The Discovery Science Center in Orange County, California. Current exhibits include; Bob the Builder - Build it Weekend, Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology, and more. The Discovery Science Center offers school programs from field trips to assemblies, and they even offer a summer camp with a variety of hands-on and highly interactive programs for children ages 5-10. All programs meet with California Science Content standards and focus on providing a fun and educational experience specific to grade-level.


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Watch Science Shows on Television

One of the easiest ways to get children interested in science is to watch science based programs with them. Some cable stations offer The Science Channel, a cable channel with several interesting and informative programs. Shows include: Stephen Hawking's Sci-Fi Masters; How Do They Do It?; Prophets of Science Fiction; How It's Made; Trek Nation; Stuff You Should Know; and many others.

Do Home Science Projects Together

Set some time aside monthly and do some fun science projects with your children. You can get ideas from science museums, television shows, or on the internet. A resourceful site for home science projects is "Science is Fun Home Experiments" - (http://scifun.chem.wisc.edu/homeexpts/homeexpts.html.)

You can find several projects, such as;

  • Rubber Bands and Heat: Examine the thermal properties of rubber as it relates to heat
  • Fizzing and Foaming: Turn a glass of colored liquid into a froth that overflows
  • Egg in a Bottle: Get a hard-boiled egg into a bottle without touching the egg
  • Bending Water: When the humidity is low, static electricity can cause shocks, make dust stick to surfaces, and even make your hair stand on end, this project shows that it can also move things around
  • Making Things Glow in the Dark: Ever wonder what makes certain things glow under black lights? You can find out using a piece of paper, petroleum jelly and a black light


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Science Can Be Fun

Get your children interested in science today by showing them that science can be fun!

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