An electric or non-motorized scooter can be a fun device for young children. These devices give kids the freedom of movement outdoors so they can enjoy time with their friends who may have bikes or scooters of their own. While kids love the ability to move around at a quicker pace, safety is always of the utmost importance. After consulting the instruction manual and making sure the scooter is assembled properly, it's important to follow some guidelines. In this article you'll find some basic safety tips to make sure your child can enjoy their scooters in a safe manner without injury or accident.

Any child who receives Razor electric scooters as a gift, or is using one that belongs to someone else, should make sure they have appropriate safety gear. This includes knee, elbow pads and a suitable helmet for riding. Wrist guards might also be necessary. Each of these items is essential should a child take a spill on the scooter. Helmets have been proven to reduce head injuries in the case of an accident. To avoid falls, children should only ride in safe areas that are paved, without gravel. Construction zones or other unfinished areas are a definite hazard. Younger children should always have an adult around for supervision.

Proper use of the scooter is essential as well. This means wearing appropriate footwear while on a scooter. Generally, sturdy sneakers or athletic shoes are acceptable, while high heels or sandals aren't the best idea. A scooter user should grab both handles before stepping onto the scooter platform, and then push off with one foot. Also children, should be sure to heed and yield to other people riding bikes, scooters or walking around in the vicinity of where they are using the scooter. Children should never try to load up other objects onto their scooter, or carry dangerous items such as sharp objects or liquids which could cause damage to the scooter, or an accident.

Other obvious safety tips for kids using scooters are to avoid riding at night time, and to avoid riding a scooter in any traffic. Most scooters, electric or not, are recommended for children over 8 and certain weight limits. Children should never try to carry an extra person on the scooter, since they have weight limits, and a second rider could cause an accident. Referring to the manual is of utmost importance for any additional guidelines that the particular scooter has in place.