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It's Way Easier Than You Think

     Any guy (or gal) who tries the method discussed in this article will easily get a date for tonight, the next night, or for the upcoming weekend. However, some will read this article and immediately be turned off by the method. The important thing is that if you are on a mission to hurry up and get a date, it doesn’t much matter how the mission gets accomplished as long as the method used is reasonable and it works. The good news is that my method is proven. In fact, maybe I should charge for this information, but then I would feel bad, because it’s just so simple. Regardless, the bottom line is that this method will get you a date, and fast.

     Alright, first off, none of this is really a secret. A lot of people already know about it and do it regularly (myself included), but I’ve also discovered that there’s a whole lot of people who don’t know about it. I also feel I should warn you right off the bat: At no point do I claim that this is a method for finding a classy, high quality girl (or guy) with decent morals and values. In fact, I would sooner make a claim to the contrary. Probably most of the women (or men) you will meet by this means are not long-term relationship material. Nonetheless, most are good at least for one date, which beats sitting at home drowning your sorrows while watching TV alone.

     Some of you smart ones may have already guessed that the internet comes into play here, and you’re right, in fact this method wouldn’t exist without it. We’re not talking dating sites here though; those suck and pretty much won’t work for an instant-date type of scenario. Sites like Plenty of Fish and Tagged are set up for females to succeed in finding a guy who meets their exact and specific needs. Those sites aren’t for men, but for women, mainly unattractive ones who know how to take that magic photograph at that perfect angle so it looks like they’re attractive. Sure, some guys find a date off those sites; I even did once (and she was hideous, and a dwarf), but the fact that I’m one of literally hundreds of guys that day vying for the attention of one decent looking female means that the odds of finding a date for that night, or even that weekend, are pretty stacked against me, and you.

     Unlike dating sites, my internet based method ensures that you are in control, and that you are calling the shots. The women (or men) come to you, you don’t approach them. Honestly, I can pretty much guarantee that if you are in or near a city of reasonable size you will get multiple responses from several different women (or men). You will have your pick. Pretty much all you have to do is sell yourself, which means that you have to at least have something to sell. A prospective date is more likely to respond if you are reasonably attractive, have enough self discipline to maintain a decent weight, have a job, have a car, have a place to live, and have the ability to carry on a decent conversation.

     Testimonial time! Using this method, during a period of about two months, I lined myself up with over ten dates, most of which occurred on Friday or Saturday nights, meaning that during some weekends I was out with a different girl twice in one weekend. Over half of those dates turned out in my favor, and I went out with just under half of those girls several more times and seriously considered some for long term relationships. Most of the instances that I used this method resulted in a date the very same night, or the next night, and each time I had at least two other girls to choose from. In some cases, if the one I chose didn’t work out, I would go out with one of the others either the same night or the next night. Additionally, if I wouldn’t have been so picky, I could have gone out with at least a dozen other women in that two month period. That’s right: At least a dozen!   

     So here’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Here’s the moment where you either shrug your shoulders and think to yourself “Yeah, why didn’t I think of that?”, or you curse at your screen in disgust and click to the next article. It’s Craigslist everyone. Simple as that. You put a post up under your city in the “Men Seeking Women”, or other applicable category, and you sit back and wait for a bit and you will get responses. Pretty anticlimactic huh? Sorry. Of course there are things you can do to increase your chances of success, but other than that, it’s really just that easy. For how to ensure success, read on.

Ensuring Success

1.  Start With a Good Hook. The first thing the ladies (or gentleman) are going to see is your one-line “hook” phrase, and it’s going to be right there with all the others. Make sure yours stands out so they want to read it before all the other ones. Lines that have worked for me: “Let’s get a drink right now, my treat”, “Bored and Single Looking for Same”, and “Bored Single Father Looking for Love”. Something about that last one really worked for me, not sure why (and yes, it was true, I’m not advocating dishonesty, that’s no way to start a relationship). 

2.  Keep it Short and Sweet. Don’t write a whole book; limit your post to about two, no more than three moderate paragraphs. And the clearer and more readable the writing, the better. Also, don’t forget about the “sweet” part: Be pleasant and tactful. Keep your writing positively charged, and don't bring up things right away that you wouldn't bring up in a conversation with your grandmother or a nun.  

3.  Pictures, Pictures, Pictures. Oh, and another Picture. You can put a total of four pics up with your post. I can’t believe how many people put up posts with no pics. Good lord, how boring is that? Salesmanship folks!  At least let them see what they’re getting themselves into for God sakes. Put up good, but recent and realistic pics that show more than just the neck up. No professionally shot modeling pics, that is so annoying and deceptive. You want to present the same appearance that they will see in person, that way there are no disappointments in the physical attraction department once you meet up. For security and privacy reasons the pics should show only you, have no identifying features that will give away where you live or work or what car you drive, and should be taken with an actual camera (not cell phone) in order to prevent insertion of geo-tags that give away your exact location to some potential serial killer. Oh yah, and smile, it goes a heck of a long way, trust me.

 4.  Don’t Be So Serious, but Be Smart and Safe. The girl (or guy) is just as interested in having a little fun as you are. Don’t write a bunch of boring serious stuff; stay light hearted. They don’t wanna’ read your life story in your post or hear about how you’re looking for “The One”. In other words, don’t be lame. And don’t be stupid and scary either. Inviting them to meet you at your house instead of a public place is unsafe for both you and her (or him). You can hardly go wrong meeting up at a local pub for a drink first just to see how you both get along. Who knows what can happen from there? Also, don’t let yourself become a victim. Remember that part in the fourth paragraph where I said you are calling the shots? I meant that. Once you decide to converse with someone who has responded to your post you should first start with emails that do not reveal your identity. Have them send you some pics, then get THEIR number, don’t give them yours first. Chatting with them on cam over Skype or Yahoo is one way to tell if they’re real. From there, once you are comfortable, try texting, sending pics over text, and then meeting up in a safe place. Don’t do anything that your gut feeling tries to warn you against, and always let someone else know what your plans for the night are.

5.  Filter Out the Fakes. There are these really annoying things called bots that troll posts and try to get you to email them back so they can send you all kinds of advertisements, or try to get you to go to a cam site or a dating site and pay all kinds of money for something that will never work. It’s really easy to tell who is real or fake once you get the hang of it. Sometimes you can see it from a mile away. Misspellings, poor grammar that looks like it came from a foreign country, and weird nonsensical statements are all sure indicators. ANY response that includes a link to a different site is fake, period. Naked pics or pics that just don’t look real are probably fakes too. I put in my posts that anyone who responds to me needs to send me a couple pics and say something related to my post that lets me know they are real. Also be careful for scam artists. Don’t EVER give anyone money. One girl I met up with talked me into giving her a hundred bucks so she could pay her rent and not get kicked out. She promised to meet me right after she paid her landlord, but she never showed back up. Turns out she scammed a lot of guys in the area and was making a nice little supplemental income for herself. Watch out.

In conclusion, give it a try, this method can work for you week after week. Vary up your posts and use different pics and say different things so that people won’t see the same posts over and over again, you’ll have more luck in the realm of variety that way. Also, you can’t post the exact same post more than once, the site has a way of catching that and it will block your post. It’s also a good idea not to be impolite or piss people off, as they can flag your posts over and over again, which can be really annoying. Finally, I hope this article improves your dating life a bit, it definitely saved mine from a lot of otherwise boring nights. Good luck, and don’t forget to be smart and safe about things!