The saying, "Still waters run deep," is an accurate description of those born under the Zodiac sign, Scorpio. They love to dig deeply into matters, compelled by their strongly curious and intuitive natures to discover what makes things tick. A Scorpio is the person to go to if ever you need an answer to a perplexing problem. On the downside, Scorpios have an "it's either this or that" attitude towards life. Shades of gray don't exist for them. An agenda, whether hidden or obvious, is always operating where Scorpios are concerned.

These intense individuals are extremely resourceful, living life on their own terms and able to master any situation they are confronted with. They take life on with all of the gusto they can muster. Scorpios do not know the meaning of failure; when confronted with an obstacle, they move full steam ahead until they have overcome it, no matter what the cost is to them ... or others. All-consuming desires and passions drive Scorpios relentlessly. Many people often view them as overbearing and arrogant.

Scorpios know how to keep a secret. There is so much beneath the surface of a Scorpio that most people never realize how deeply passionate they are about the things that are important to them. But don't try to get behind the thick wall Scorpios have erected around themselves; you won't make it very far. Competition is like oxygen to Scorpios. Whether they're engaging in sport or business, they must have someone against which to test their skills. You'll know without a doubt if you ever step on a Scorpio's toes. If you make the unfortunate mistake of getting on their wrong side, expect to be the recipient of the Scorpion's painful sting. Not one to shrink from a task no matter how difficult, once a Scorpio starts something, they see it through to the end. ..

Romance and the Scorpio

It is hard to resist Scorpio's dark, magnetic appeal. The attractive power of both male and female Scorpios draws people to them like the irresistible pull of a powerful magnet. Scorpios are indefatigable in bed, so if you ever find yourself coupled with a sexy Scorpio bed mate, be prepared for long hours of intense love-making. Because they are strongly empathic and can feel other people's emotions, Scorpios have the ability to intuitively know fairly quickly which person will make the best partner for them. However, they always carve out a part of themselves that they never divulge to others, so don't think you'll know everything there is to know about your Scorpio lover. You will definitely feel Scorpio's sting if you probe too deeply into their affairs.

Power is the name of the game where Scorpios are concerned. They need to be the one in control in relationships and will not hesitate to exploit another person's weaknesses when they encounter them. Because they are such powerful and intense individuals, they need a partner who won't wilt in the face of their forceful personality. Like wolves, Scorpios mate for life when they have found the perfect partner for them. This concludes the Zodiac Sign of the Mysterious Scorpio.