If you live in the UK and are looking for a fairly local holiday this year and also for all the year round – try Scotland. Scotland boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the world and we are lucky to have it on our doorsteps. A static caravan holiday offers you a perfect base so that you can explore everything the North of the British Isles has to offer.


A holiday in Scotland is the perfect getaway all year round as it is home to some of the most beautiful wildlife around. Static caravans around the Scottish highlands are perfect for a private retreat so that you are able to view some of the more illusive animals that Scotland is famous for. Static caravan sites are usually positioned in and around some of the more wild areas so that the chances of viewing these animals are heightened. Wild pheasants, grouse, red squirrels and deer are some of the more common sightings around these areas but you also will have the opportunity of visiting some of the re-introduction centres that have been set up for less common species. Argyle has a centre that has been set up for the re-introduction of Red Kites. Today, we only have 200 pairs left in Britain and to see them living in their natural habitat is most stunning. You can visit this centre for a small fee to help the charity and will be almost certainly be guaranteed a dive bombing feeding session with anything around 30 wild kites and perhaps more. These powerful prestigious birds are worth a visit on your static caravan holiday excursion.


Scotland SceneryThe scenery in Scotland is beautiful and you will see nothing like it anywhere else in the UK. Rugged mountainous regions are coupled with bleaker landscapes and countless undulating waterfalls. Where ever you choose to go in Scotland in your static caravan, you will be sure to be suitably impressed by the Scottish high and low lands. This part of the world offers guaranteed beauty and you will never be far away from an amazing photo opportunity. During the winter months you will see snow capped mountains and breathtaking views that go on for miles. The Autumn boasts one of the more colourful times of year and the trees that line the curvature of the mountains span the colours of the rainbow – the Larch trees are a beautiful yellow ochre and the evergreens are still hanging on to their rich greens. Reds and oranges make up for a fantastic display of natural colour and is truly a wonderful sight. In spring the mountains are covered in a rich purple from the miles and miles of heather bushes and summer gives you a little more warmth and floral displays.

Where ever you choose to position yourself in your static caravan in Scotland you will not be missing out on anything as everywhere is beautiful.