There are a whole load of energy suppliers in the UK so how do you know which one to choose over the others?

Review Sites

You can use the internet as a great resource. There are many review websites available which will be filled with honest customer accounts of their experiences with each company.

However, customers tend to only frequent these review sites and other forums when they have grievances to air. You will probably find 95% of these reviews are actually negative comments. The negative comments might actually help you more than you will think.

As each household has different needs, reading reviews of customers who have similar needs to you but have had a disappointing experience with a company may help to show which companies to avoid.

There are independent blog sites and reviews that are unbiased. These will show both the negative and positive points for each company and may be a little more helpful than trying to trawl through all the customer orientated sites.

There are several sites for Scottish & Southern that are quite detailed about all the products on offer. One site also shows that Scottish & Southern has been ranked third out of nine companies surveyed for their ability to make switching over to them hassle free, they were also ranked second out of eight companies for overall satisfaction from a survey which was conducted by Which?

Scottish and Southern History

Scottish & Southern began when SWALEC, Southern Electric, and Scottish Hydro-Electric merged. Atlantic Gas and Electric joined the merger at a later date.

With a customer base of over 9 million they are one of the biggest suppliers of gas and electric in the UK. They also own the largest wind farm in the UK and are committed to environmentally friendly practices making them the market leaders in renewable energy.

Scottish & Southern supplies a range of utilities for both domestic use and for businesses. Not only can you get your gas and electricity supply you can also have your telephone and internet connection with them too. If you like to keep all your eggs in one basket for ease of billing and repairs, then this could be the ideal solution.

How Green are They?

If you are a household that is trying to be as eco-friendly as possible, then choosing a company like Scottish & Southern could be one way of doing your part for the environment. Being the largest generator of renewable energy in the UK, they are continually striving to develop newer technology.

Their constant research could mean one day having reduced energy bills with little impact on the environment. Currently they have wind farms both on land and offshore and they generate 840MW of wind generated power and 1450 MW of hydroelectric power.

Is Scottish & Southern for You?

So what do you get for your money? It is all well and good saying how wonderful it is that a large company tries to be eco-friendly but it is also great to know that it is very popular; actually one of the UKs leading utility suppliers, after all, all those people cannot be wrong?

Not all companies suit all people. Each company offer a variety of tariffs so it is easy to shop around to find out which one I right for you.

It is fair to say though that it is a very a large company, the chances are that Scottish & Southern are a little bit more tuned in to what customers actually need than smaller, more independent companies. Scottish Southern tariffs are some of the most affordable on the market which is why it is worth considering a switch of supplier if your bills seem to be getting out of hand.