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Buying and selling stock online may seem complicated, but in reality it is very simple. There are numerous online Brokerages where you can buy and sell stock and mutual funds, but one of the leaders in the online stock market game is Scottrade.

Low Scottrade Commissions

You can buy and sell stock for as little as $7.00 per trade. The low cost of buying and selling stocks is one of the reasons that Scottrade has boomed to the lead in online brokerages. Many websites offer low trade commissions if you have $10,000 or more invested with them, but Scottrade offers low cost trades to anybody regardless of the amount of money in their stock portfolio.

Amount of Money Needed to Invest With Scottrade

Scottrade is the industry leader in the low cost folio category. For as little as $500 you can open up an account and invest in stocks. E-Trade by comparison requires you to deposit at least $1,000 into your trading account.

If a broker requirement is for you to have a large deposit in order to use their online brokerage to buy and sell stocks, then you may never get an account. On the other hand, Scottrade is not just for small investors, many people who do have large folio accounts still choose to use Scottrade for their broker trades. Scottrade is very powerful, and easy to use. The learning curve for Scottrade is very small compared to similar platforms.

Free Trading Advice

Scottrade offers a lot of free information about investing. You can use this information and decide for yourself where and how you want to invest your money. Buying and selling stocks using Scottrade is an easy way for anyone to get involved in stock purchasing.

Broker Assisted Trades

You can trade all day for $7.00 per trade, but occasionally you may want a broker assisted trade. With Scottrade you can get a broker assisted trade for $27.00. That is very cheap for the expert help of a Scottrade stock broker.

No Inactivity Fees or Account Maintenance Fees

You are not required to make trades. You can make multiple trades per day pr you can choose to make one trade every year or so. Regardless of how often or how little you buy and sell stocks there is no account maintenance fees or inactivity fees when you use Scottrade.

Margin Account

You can open up a regular stock account for as little as $500. If you want to trade on margins, the minimum required is $2,000. $2,000 is very affordable for margin traders, and simply peanuts to the majority of margin traders. If you have been learning about how to trade on the margins, then Scottrade gives you an easy way to enter the live market so you can put into action what you have been learning. Scottrade is great for margin accounts.

Scottrade for Buying Stock Online

If you want an easy way to buy and sell stocks online the Scottrade should be the first site you visit. Some people prefer other online trading firms such as E*TRADE, but consider your needs carefully. Scottrade is world famous for not nickel and diming their customers with bogus fees and charges. Image Credit: (Flickr/herval)