When buying golf putters there are so many options out there it is hard to get started.  It all comes down to grip, comfort, and confidence in the steel that you have in your hand.  One of the best putters used nowadays is made by Scotty Cameron.  Many golfers have used his putters in the past with various winning majors and 100’s of worldwide tournaments have been won using Scotty Cameron Putters.  So, who is this guy Scotty Cameron?  He is an AMERICAN golf club maker most famously known for creating great putters.  His whole name is really Don T. Scotty Cameron born in 1962. 

Putter used by Tiger Woods

  One specific golfer using his clubs is Tiger Woods who has used Scotty Cameron Putter Newport 2 since the start of his career.  He has often been criticized for switching over recently in 2010 to a Nike model but low and behold that Scotty Cameron Putter was still found in his bag on the golf course.  Tiger Woods has been known for his exceptional putts sometimes over 25 feet that novice golfers could only dream about and these were made using his Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Steel Newport 2 by Titleist.  He has dominated the long and short putting game since he broke on the scene.

What Others Say

            Cameron Putters are made of great quality, are easy to use, and very durable.  It has a great past history of PGA tour events which can be a lucrative selling point for many.  The name is well known, it has a great feel, great grip, and crisp sound off the ball.  It also has a sharp design model to look great in your golf bag.  If you’re looking for confidence in sinking that next short or long putt buying a Scotty Cameron made putter just might be the choice for you.  It is an affordable golf club ranging anywhere on Ebay to Scotty’s website of $250 to $400.  There are plenty of models on the market right now so finding the right putter for you is easier than ever.  It is definitely a must have for your golf bag when you hit the golf course with your buddies.