Scrabble Slam Card Game


  • Very easy game to learn.
  • The game plays very quickly
  • Great Family Game Night
  • A Cheap game
  • Small footprint makes this a game you can take when you travel.
  • Young kids will learn new words while having fun.


  • A very basic game with no strategy.
  • An uneven amount of cards result in someone ending up with an extra card.
  • Need 3-4 players to make it entertaining.
  • Vocabulary will affect the outcome, as there is no element of chance involved.

Full Review

Scrabble Slam! is a fast-paced word game where anything can happen. Players "Slam" down cards changing the four letter word that is in play. The goal is to race through four letter words and get rid of all of your cards. You never know which direction the next "slam" will take the word. This is a great family game night game.

As far as card games go, Scrabble Slam! is extremely simple. The game is started with a four letter word laid out on the table (CHIP, DART, SOCK, etc.), and then the remaining cards are dealt out to the players. The cards consist of two letters, one on the front and one on the back, which allows players to have a lot of options. It should be noted that there are no Q or X cards, although there are a few blank cards which can take on any letter.

Once the game starts, it's a free for all. The official rules state that a player must yell out the new word and then "Slam" their card down on the correct letter to change the word. There are no turns; everyone is trying to get rid of their cards while spelling new four letter words.

An example: The word CART is down on the table. Player 1 yells CARS and slams an S over the T. Player 2 yells BARS and slams a B over the C. Player 1 is snoozing, so Player 2 yells BATS and slams a T over the R.

Players have to stay on their toes always thinking of more four letter words to ensure they use up their cards. The player that runs out of cards wins the game. It should be noted it is possible to get stumped, and in that case, the player with the least amount of cards would win the card game.

Scrabble Slam! is a great game to pass time without hauling out a large board game, however after a few games you will be ready to move onto something a little more challenging or involved.

Game Variations:

If you want to make the game play easier for younger players you can make it a turn-based card game instead of the "free-for-all", this will give them more time to think of new words and take some of the pressure off of them. You can make Scrabble Slam! more challenging by switching to five-letter words, but this slows down the game a lot.

Game Contents:

  • 55 Scrabble Slam! Game Cards
  • Instruction Booklet

In Closing

Overall the Scrabble Slam! Card Game is a great game for you to have around for your family game night. While it is not a very complicated game, the low price makes it a no brainer to add to your game collection. Pick up a copy today!