If you are keeping up with current iPhone games, you and your friends may have started playing Scramble With Friends.  What makes Scramble With Friends different from Words With Friends is the ability to use Power Ups to change the outcome (without having to pay real money).

What is Scramble with Friends?

Scramble With Friends is a game that involves finding as many words as you can, in a two-minute period.  There are three rounds to each game, and each round gives the player the ability to score more points using double and triple letter bonuses.

Most players will only find 25-35 words during each round while there may be over 300 words available to find.  These power ups are great tools to get the most out of each round!

Scramble with Friends Power Ups

In the game of Scramble With Friends, there are three power ups available to players.  They are freeze, inspiration and scramble.  You are allowed one power up for "free" and may choose a second power up with the payment of a token.  Do not worry, you will re-earn a token every twenty minutes.

It should also be noted that you may use the same power up twice in your game.  As you continue to play the game, you will find which power up works best for you, and equipping yourself with two of the same could be the best solution.

Power Ups

Power Up: Freeze 

If your brain is not working as fast as it used to, then freeze is the perfect power up for you. Recommended for mature players or beginners, freeze helps players "catch up" by freezing the game for about twenty seconds.  

During that time you are still allowed to enter words that you find in the grid. Freeze time and have more time to discover word opportunities! 

Power Up: Inspiration

Inspiration is a useful power up for everyone!  Each power up will give you three words that will range from two letter, low-scoring words to six letter, high-scoring triple letter words.

The power up does exactly what it says, it helps you find new words by showing the player a different way to use the grid. Use the inspiration power up and be amazed at your new word opportunities. 

Power Up: Scramble

Scramble is another great power up idea.  Scramble will change the board and give the play a different perspective to find new words.  While this power up does not guarantee points, like the others, it does help players by switching the letters around.

Play with each power up and you will soon find out which one you prefer over the others.   Once you've mastered using your power ups, you will soon be the best Scramble With Friends player in your group! 

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