When looking for scrap metal prices and information, several factors come into play. There are many variables that should be considered when figuring out the net worth of any amount of any metal.

Where you take the metal will make a large difference in the price. there is a ladder that the scrap metal follows and each rung of the ladder has a persons hand connected to it taking a cut as the metal is passedalong.

Naturally the closer you get to the top of the ladder, or in metals case, the melting and reuse of the product, the higher the percentage of the profit you'll receive. This factor means that where you live can make a big difference in the price you get.

Some geographical locations are simply closer to the end user then others. When your scrapping metal in an area where there is a high level of available scrap iron such as large cities, then the spot price may be lower then a rural area or another city with steel mills or some other high demand.

Generally speaking the spot price for all scrap metals is set by the stock market, which rises and falls with the supply and demand levels. It may also be effected by investor moves or economic indicators, that sway commodity markets.

Scrap metal prices are easily available with an Internet search. Up to the minute reports tell investors what the market is doing and high tech new wave data analysis tools are now available to back check trends and forecast moves in any market. This has expanded to become an entire industry within an industry.

Use the bean counters and scorekeepers that are all working hard day and night to tell the future of all scrap metal prices. They report on the financial channels on television and they balloon the world wide web with information. It's there for the taking it just takes a little looking.

Know your metals and make sure your pricing the right metal. Unscrupulous persons have been known to pass off less then precious metals as silver and gold. It's a buyer beware world and knowledge can save you a lot of money. 

Scrap metals also bring a better price when they are clean. This means unmixed metals. Bring the copper separate from the brass and steel should be separated from cast iron. A mixed metal price is always going to be lower then the sorted metal price. 

Aluminium cans are now worth more in scrap metal then they are to return for the deposit in some states. Keeping an eye on the price of aluminium can turn a nice profit if you own a store or restaurant that has a large amount of aluminium cans.

Scrap metal prices and information, has a direct connection to the United States copper cents prior to 1982. They're now worth three cents each for the scrap copper they hold. Unfortunately as of this date, melting them is illegal. This however hasn't stopped speculators from hoarding them, awaiting an inevitable change in the law.