A scrapbook photo album makes a great gift. Create a themed album to show someone important to you what you love about them. This would make a great gift for grandparents, parents, siblings, spouse, baby/child, boyfriend, friend, etc.

Depending on the occasion, you can make this light-hearted or sentimental, serious or funny. Need a gift for your grandmother's 80th birthday? Fill an album with pictures that span the years. Creating an album for your child's high school graduation? Use funny pictures taken growing up. Whatever tone you set for your book, list specific reasons why you chose what you did. Include the thoughts and feelings behind it.

Some suggestions for a loved one:

·The little things they do for you

·How they make you feel

·How they are unique/one of a kind

·What they say


·Things that remind you of them

·Their best qualities

·How they changed your life

·How they inspire you

·What you thought when you met

Suggestions for a baby or child:

·Body parts (especially for babies: smile, dimples, cheeks, chubby thighs)

·Laugh, giggle and cry

·How your life changed

·How they were born

·Their baby talk

After you know what you want to include, search out or take pictures that go with your theme.

Create a scrapbook photo album for a newborn baby with close up pictures of their body parts. Take pictures of fingers, toes, feet, knees, and other body parts. A small album (5x5 or 8x8) with one picture on each page would be perfect. Begin the book with a full body picture and explain that this is a book about "What I Love About You." End the book with journaling about how this new baby has changed your life.

If your best friend is having a birthday, create a book about their best qualities. If you love the long phone calls you share, include a picture of her on the phone. If you love shopping together, take a picture at the mall. If she volunteers her time at the local animal shelter, include a picture of that. Include pictures of the places you've been together and any events that are meaningful to both of you.

For your anniversary, create a scrapbook photo album of the little things your husband does for you. It's often easy to overlook these little things, but your husband will enjoy seeing how much you appreciate them. Does he let you sleep in on weekends? Does he give the kids their bath or make dinner when you're tired after a long day at work? Find pictures of him doing these things and journal about what these little things mean to you.

Whatever the occasion, a scrapbook photo album is a perfect way to show someone you love them.