Scrapbook Tools

Finding the Best Scrapbook Tools

Preserving photos and memories and taking part in the art of scrapbooking, requires some scrapbook tools. Scrapbooking has become one of the most popular hobbies as technology has given us so many different types of supplies and accessories that can be used. It allows us to repeatedly enjoy the happy memories that photos are associated with family activities.

Scrapbook Tools: The Secret to Good Scrapbooking

The idea of creating a scrapbook intimidates lots of active families. They deem it as requiring a great amount of creativity and feels it's an activity that consumes several hours to complete. The secret of course is to have the right scrapbook tools. This article will discuss some of the essentials that will make your hobby more fun and help to save you money and time.

PAPER TRIMMER - One of the most valuable scrapbook tools would be a convenient 12" paper trimmer. This tool gives a detailed, straight edge to photos, card stock, and helps in creating exquisite borders. This is an essential tool.

SCISSORS - One pair of sharp hand-held scissors, two or three pairs of decorative pinking shears, and one pair of small, fine-pointed scissors will help you to be able to make detailed, intricate cuts. These scrapbook tools will cut out everything from photos and decorative paper, to ribbons and embellishments. This is one tool you should spend extra money on to ensure it's good quality, if you're otherwise hunting for cheap scrapbook supplies.

ADHESIVE - There are several options involving adhesives. One of the perfect scrapbook tools we have seen is a hand-held tape dispenser. It holds larger rolls of double-sided tape used for photos, letters, words, ribbons, buttons, and to incorporate multiple layers with intricate designs. Glue-dots create a 3D effect to displays, and attaches metal embellishments, making items appear more professional. It is recommended to use some of each for various tasks.

TOTE BAG – Many people like the one with lots of pockets to keep everything organized, making it easy to pick-up and attend scrapbook classes or leisure events. Remember to include small plastic bag for scrap paper. Keeping small scraps can save money later when wanted for matting a photo, or to make a contrasting embellishment.

PAPER ORGANIZER – These inexpensive plastic holders keep scrapbook paper organized, and lying flat, so the edges do not curl-up. They also keep the humidity out, which preserves the photos and paper.

PUNCHES – There are literally dozens of shapes that can be punched out to save time while keeping your pages looking beautiful, professional, and classy. Punches come in circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, photo corners, and elaborate, intricate scrolling.

While these simply describe the basic scrapbook tools everyone needs, eventually it may be an excellent addition to include other scrapbook tools. As technology advances, we find new and innovative ways to reduce time spent on the layout, and allow more time for the memories. It's also worth mentioning that the above supplies make great scrapbooking gifts if you know someone who loves to create scrapbooks.

There can be no doubt that scrapbook tools can save time and money. Many consider adding an eyelet setting tool, templates, die-cutting machine, or other scrapbook tools to their current inventory, so they can continue saving on scrapbook projects.

Online Scrapbooking

One way to really save a ton of money by not needing to buy scrapbook tools to create scrapbooks, is to doit all online. While this really isn't the same as a physical scrapbook, it allows you to create something that can be shared with more people and you can also save a lot of money. There are sites that allow you to do it for free, such as Smilebox.