Scrapbooking is a great hobby but it can quickly become an expensive hobby.  However, there are ways that you can make sure that you stay frugal while scrapbooking.  Here are some tips to help you scrapbook without busting your budget.

The most important tip that I can give you to save your budget is: plan your layout before you buy any supplies.  Focus your time and energy on a few pages at the time. Then spend some time planning to make sure that you only buy things that you need. 


It is amazing how much paper that you accumulate when you scrapbook.  Yes, it is fun to look at the paper in the store, but how often do you use every single piece of paper that you buy?  If you are like me, the answer is never. 

Scrapbook PaperPaper is a quick way to bust your budget because it seems cheap when you are only getting a few sheets.  However, most people end up buying a few pages on multiple trips which adds up over time.  If you want to save your budget, only buy the paper that you need to complete the layouts that you have planned.  If you know that you are going to complete a whole book based on one theme, then you might want to consider getting a pad of paper when it is on sale.  Either way, you should not pay the full price for paper.

Cutting Supplies

This is another area that fellow crafters seem to go crazy.  Make sure that you buy the things that you use often or that you intend to use often.  Do not try to get the latest gadget just because it looks cool.  It might seem great in the beginning but you might regret it in the end.

Plain Scissors: You only need one pair of scissors and you probably already have them.  Plain scissors are one of the best utensils that you can buy because they are versatile.  But other scissors are fun to have as well. 

Decorative Scissors: Now, it might look like you should buy all the decorative scissors that you Decorative Scissorscan find, but that will just waste your money.  If you want to have decorative scissors it is best to buy a package of scissors when they are on sale.  In this case sale means that they are at discounted 40-50%.  If you shop at Michaels, you know that they often put things on sale for 40% or offer a coupon for that amount.  Do not pay full price for your scissors.  Right now the best deals on the scissors are in packages.  Try to buy a package that has at least four pairs of scissors.

Cutting Machines:  You may be considering a cutting machine.  I think they are a great idea but if you are on a budget you do not need one.  You can cut all the shapes or buy any shapes that you cannot cut.  If you think you will need certain shapes a lot and need a cheap alterative to cutting machines, consider getting the Fiskars freehand cutter.  You can get one at most craft stores (remember to use your coupon) and you can buy a template to match the shape that you want to get for relatively cheap.


Ribbon:  Buy your ribbon by the yard when it is on sale.  You do not need to get a ton of ribbon.  Just get enough to use on the page that you are working on. A yard is more than enough for a page or two.  Do not buy the most expensive version of ribbon.  Remember that it will be attached to a sheet of paper, not adorning a gift.  If your local craft store has scraps or discounted ribbon that is a great place to buy your ribbon.

Stickers:  Buy stickers when you are sure of layout.  Do not buy stickers for a layout unless you are working on it.  Look for stickers that are on sale.  In the big stores make sure that you look in the clearance section.  Do not spend more than a couple of dollars on stickers. 

Stamps: If you want to buy stamps you should consider buying the clear stamps because they are easy to store and allow you to see how your layout will look before you stamp them.  Be careful, this is another item that you can eat up your budget. This is one of those areas that you should consider buying for its versatility.  Basically only buy stamps that you can use on multiple layouts.    


There are various ways to adhere things to your pages.  Make sure that you choose an adhesive that will work and that is acid free.  Regular glue or tape will not work.  Surprisingly an acid glue stick is not that expensive.  Buy packs of glue sticks rather than just one glue stick.  Make sure that you only use this glue on your scrapbooking projects. 


Part of keeping a good budget is taking care of your things.  Buy a scrapbook bag or find a space to organize your supplies.  Make sure that you put them away when you finish scrapbooking.  There are some cheap scrapbook bags available online and in stores.  Buy storage supplies in February and March when they go on sale at your local craft store.

Use Things At Your House

When you want to accessorize or embellish your pages you should always think about the things that you have at your house.  You do not have to buy everything that you want to use in your book.  It is best if you make sure that the items you want to use are acid free so that they do not ruin your pages.

Consider Digital Scrapbooking

If you are trying to scrapbook on a budget, one of the best ways to do this might be to convert to digital scrapbooking.  A digital scrapbook is just like a regular scrapbook but everything is digital.  You invest in some software like Adobe Photoshop Elements and then you can buy papers and accessories to make a scrapbook.  It is more economical than physical scrapbooking because you can reuse your supplies as many times as you want to after you have paid for them.  Plus, it eliminates the need for adhesives.  Some people even do a bit of both. 

Use these tips and you will be able to scrapbook without busting your budget.