Scrapbooking is the art of preserving photos. Crafters often make a different page for every one or two photos. Then they add embellishments and even small story tags. The pages add up fast; there might be a separate scrapbook for every school year or one that details the events of a wedding.

Scrapbooks are often centered around a theme or specific style. You might want to put together an album depicting your favorite vacation or documenting your baby's first year.

Scapbookers should take extra care to ensure that their pages are not only beautiful but are also long lasting. When you start putting together an album look for acid free supplies, embellishments and papers to protect your photos long term.

Digital scrapbooking is basically scrapbooking on your computer. This cuts down on the costs of supplies. Digital scrapbooking is perfect if you don't have a dedicated craft space because you won't make a mess. You might be able to find free scrapbooking templates but you'll often have to link to the designer if you're using their designs on the web. There are also limitations on commercial use of the graphics. If you learn how to make your own designs you can sell them in packages to make a little extra money.

Scrapbooking can become a hobby or an expression of your creativity. You can give scrapbooks as gifts or help other people put together their own albums as a side business.