If you are a creative scrapbooker, you may find inspiration almost anywhere. Paper piercing evolved from the fifteenth-century parchment craft, which uses a number of techniques to create a design on parchment paper. Well here is another idea for you to make a fancy heart frame. First photocopy and enlarge the heart design to the desired size. Use a dark pen to trace along the lines, making them easier to see. Then tape parchment paper over the pattern and trace with a white pencil or pen. Do not trace the cross-hatching. Now follow these next four easy steps.

Things You Will Need

Parchment and colored papers, embossing pad and stylus, piercing tool, and white pencil or pen.

Step 1

After tracing your design, place it right side down on an embossing pad, dense felt, or a computer mouse pad. Use an embossing tool (stylus) to trace along the white lines, applying enough pressure to change the parchment from gray to white. Fill in areas by gently rubbing the stylus from side to side, gradually increasing the pressure as the paper turns white.

Step 2

To cross-hatch, place your design right side down on an embossing pad. Use a ruler and a fine-tipped embossing stylus to emboss the grid lines. Press lightly so that the cross-hatches appear fainter than your embossed lines.

Step 3

To pierce, place your design on a thick felt pad. Using a piercing tool, pierce your design as desired. Pierce the parchment paper so that the colored paper you will eventually place under the parchment will show through the pierced spots. If you are piercing for decoration along a line, leave at least the width of one hole between each piercing.

Step 4

To remove an outside edge or inside section, pierce just outside the embossed edges, placing the holes very close together (basically creating a perforated edge, ready for smooth tearing). To tear away the waste paper, press down near the perforated line and gently remove the waste paper. You valentine heart piercing will add a special touch to your unique scapbook of memories.

Tips & Warnings