Scrapbooking is most rewarding and fun. When you ad your personal touches to your memories, your scrapbook can be viewed for many years to come by family and friends.

You can follow the steps outlined here to bring your ideas to life when layering your paper designs. A pattern for the cutout design can be sketched freehand or assembled from various commercial templates on a piece of scrap paper.

Things You Will Need

Colored Paper, circle cutter or templates, cutting mat, a craft knife, stickers, and pens.

Step 1

Lay your page over a cutting mat. Place your pattern in the desired position. Cut out each section using your pattern as a guide. Remove the pattern and make additional cuts as desired until you are happy with your design.

Step 2

Place the page over a second color of paper on top of the cutting mat. Cut out sections of the second layer as desired. The areas you cut out will reveal a third color of paper.

Step 3

To assemble the design, adhere the cutout page to the second cutout layer. Then adhere the second layer to a third, solid layer.

Colors can convey different feelings or moods. Your color choice should reflect what feeling or mood you want to elicit.

Select a color in your layered paper cuttings that you want to emphasize, and use shades or tones of it in the background paper , mats, and other decorative materials.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure to draw enough cutout sections along the outline of your design so that it can easily distinguished.