Scrapbooking Gifts

Looking to Get Scrapbooking Gifts?

Whenever we seek scrapbooking gifts for family or friends, it is necessary to determine where the person's interest might be. This person might be the type who would love creating scrapbooks and has never had the opportunity to try it before, or maybe the person has been creating scrapbooks for many years.

Scrapbooking Gifts: Wildly Popular!

Scrapbooking has become the #1 hobby in the United States, even surpassing golf in terms of how many people are interested in doing it. With the growth in technology, it has now become a multi-billion dollar industry. There have never been so many scrapbooking tools available. While saving scrapbook enthusiasts, time and energy, tools make excellent scrapbooking gifts for family and friends.

Don't Forget About Online Scrapbooks

Before getting into actual, physical scrapbooks, don't forget that you can also create online scrapbooks. These are often free and very easy to create. They make great presents for someone who lives far away or if you want to distribute it to a variety of people (such as grandparents, parents, and cousins). That's not something you can do with a physical scrapbook. There are websites out there, such as Smilebox, that allow you to do it all for free.

Scrapbooking Gifts: For Others to Create Scrapbooks

Regardless of age or experience, a lovely gift for a family member or friend would be a combined package that includes scrapbook paper (no one ever has enough paper). Coordinating solid colors and matching patterned paper in a variety of textures, with glue dots, and a few photos create beautiful scrapbooking gifts.

There are hundreds of scrapbook kits available, or for those who enjoy scrapbooking, create your own kits. Just include lots of personal touches to the kits (i.e. papers, embellishments, adhesive, and treasure personalized kits for years).

Scrapbooking Gifts: Some Ideas

When interested in making your own scrapbooking gifts, the list is endless in what one can make. Grandparents would love mini-scrapbooks, so they can reveal to their friends a memorable grandchild and share how sensational they are. Blank mini-scrapbooks also make terrific scrapbooking gifts. Handcrafted tags and embellishments, for friends and family, add to the memories that are created with their scrapbook pages.

Here is another excellent scrapbooking gift idea that can be personally created:

  1. Take a small box, or an old shoe box
  2. Decorate the outside with paper or fabric (this is to eventually store photos), arranging colorful, thin strips of paper to the box, which creates a charming display.
  3. Add a few basic scrapbooking supplies (i.e., an album, stickers, coordinating papers, brads, eyelets, letters, a fine-point pen, sharp pointed scissors, adhesive) and add a decorative punch.
  4. Wrap it in clear shrink wrap. You can also add a bow, which will make it look fantastic and this makes for a scrapbook gift that can be enjoyed forever.

Create lasting memories when giving scrapbooking gifts to friends and family. By adding a few meaningful photos of events some have attended, it makes for a more personal touch, helping them to enjoy and remember these events. Keep in mind that all adhesives and paper need to be "acid-free" to save photos from discoloring.

Scrapbooking gifts can be given to people of all ages, and for any holiday or festive occasion. Whether someone has never tried scrapbooking before, or for those who have scrapbooked for years, these are treasured by all who want a lasting memory of family and friends.