There are few tools you truly need when you scrapbook. If you like to use eyelets, this is one of those tools you cannot do without.

Best Eyelet SetterCredit: AmazonScrapbooking tools are simple to find, but it is not as simple to determine which the best option for you is. Here we take one of the most commonly used scrapbooking embellishments and describe the perfect tool to use with them. Eyelets are not just a scrapbooking trend, however, so the tools used to set them are not just for scrapbooking.

The Crop-A-Dile by We R Memory Keepers

While the Crop-A-Dile tool does have some limitations, they are minimal in comparison to other traditional eyelet setting tools available. This tool has various settings to set super small to rather large eyelets and even cut small or large size holes for the eyelets themselves. A few drawbacks noted by users include the weight of the tool (just over one pound) and the fact you can only set eyelets up to about one inch into a page. There is another tool by the same company called the Big Bite that allows you to set eyelets as much as six or more inches into a paper, meaning it would reach the center of a sheet of 12 by 12 scrapbook paper, but the Big Bite is bulky and somewhat cumbersome to use. To use the Crop-A-Dile, you simply cut the hole for your eyelet, place the eyelet in the page by hand, then check the settings on the tool to confirm they are correct and thread the metal post on the tool through the eyelet, then compress the handle. The compressing of the handle actually sets the eyelet in place with relatively low force required and does so with virtually no noise.

Thanks to a large opening for punching, you can use the Crop-A-Dile to punch holes in materials like craft foam, leather, metal, thin magnet sheets, fabric and many others. Traditional eyelet setters meant you had to use a hammer to do the final steps of eyelet setting, but the way the Crop-A-Dile works minimizes the noise allowing scrapbookers working at night work quietly while their family members sleep nearby.  

You can purchase the Crop-A-Dile all by itself, or in a special carrying case that also comes with a variety of eyelets. There are a few different colors you can find the tool in, but the most common are pink and green. While the retail price of about $25 may seem like a lot to pay for a tool that just sets eyelets, you will find many different uses for it including hole punching for crafts and even projects you might not expect. These well-built tools last for years, going through many hands and completing many projects.

If you frequent scrapbooking events, ask around about the Crop-A-Dile. It is almost guaranteed that there will be someone there with the tool that can show you all the functions it can perform. Borrow it for a quick project if possible and see how simple it makes the use of eyelets to spruce up your page layouts. Chances are good you will not be sorry.