Photo Christmas Cards

Create a Fabulous Photo Album

Use your favorite holiday photos and photo greeting cards to create a wonderful scrapbook and family history that will be enjoyed by your family for generations to come!

What is the easiest way to design a fun, easy family scrapbook that will bring pleasure to you and your children? You can create a family history, by relying primarily on your photo holiday or Christmas cards, your holiday letters, and some of the cards and letters your relatives send to you. This is a project that will bring you and your descendants pleasure for generations to come. How can you get started?

Holiday Photo Cards are great in scrapbooks

Buy a Holiday Scrapbook or Photo Album

Many gift shops, greeting card shops, and even department stores sell scrapbooks and photo albums. This next fall or winter, look for a scrapbook or photo album that has a holiday theme. If you can't find one, look for one in holiday colors, such as red, green, silver or gold. If possible, find one that will allow you to add pages as your album gets thicker.

If you cannot find a photo album locally, you may want to check out these Christmas photo albums that are available from Amazon.

Get a Few Holiday Stickers to Decorate Your Pages

You will not need to add much to decorate your scrapbook pages, because your photo greeting cards, holiday stationery, and similar items will probably be festive enough. However, if you have empty spots on some of your pages, a few cute stickers will liven up the empty space.

Buy Some Blank Holiday Note Cards

You may want to add some additional information about your family, so some cute note cards will be an attractive way to do this. For the most part, everything you will want to include will be shown in the photo or written in your holiday letter. However, if you want to mention a few more things in your family history than you might wish to put in your holiday letter, this is a good way to handle it. If you can't find holiday note cards, use blank index cards, and add one or two holiday stickers.

Buy Personalized Photo Greeting Cards

Today there are many different stores and online sites that sell photo holiday and Christmas cards. Make sure you include the year on your card. Get a group photo, if possible, of as many family members as possible. If you can't get everyone in one photo, there are many styles today that allow you to put two or three photos on one photo card. Or, have one photo on your card and add a couple of other pictures to the scrapbook so that everyone feels included.

Write a Holiday Letter to go with your Christmas Cards

Write a fun note to go with your cards. Be sure to include information about your family, such as births, marriages, divorces, graduations, moves, new jobs and major celebrations. Not only will the people you send cards to want to know that information, but it will help you remember those events when you look back through your scrapbook in years to come!

Put your Photo Holiday Card and Letter in the Scrapbook

Start your scrapbook with a photo of your family. Then, put in any old holiday photos that you have. Try to date them as well as you can. However, don't leave out a great picture just because you can't remember if it was taken in 2000 or 2001. Simply include it, along with the approximate date when it was taken. Once you have added all the old holiday photos and facts that you can, you are ready to begin adding your current information. Each winter, place that year's photo greeting card and letter on a new page in the scrapbook. Add any additional notes you want to include about events that happened that year.

Add Cards from Relatives and Close Family Friends

When you receive cards from close friends and family members that contain cute photos or notes that relate to your family history, include them in your photo album. However, don't overdo it or you'll fill your album up in just a few years.

In Later Years, Copy your Album and Give to your Adult Children

Eventually, this family history scrapbook will become too precious to keep to yourself. Therefore, when your children are adults you will want to make a color copy of each page in your album, and put those copies in an new album for each of your adult children. It will become a starter album for them, and a great family history that they will love sharing with their own children. They will begin adding their own photo holiday cards and letters, and their albums will take on a unique character of their own.

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