Save money with Scratch And Dent Washing Machines without settling for used appliances or opting for less reliable used units.

Purchasing a scratch and dent washing machine is quick and easy, and if you don't mind a few paint scratches or dinged corners you can save some serious money and still walk away with a brand new appliance. Brand new units come with factory warranties, which means they're covered from mechanical breakdowns (unlike used units, which rarely include any type of warranty coverage), and still offer the "Brand New" look and feel.

Where To Buy Scratch And Dent Washing Machines - New

Almost any department store or home and garden store that sells new washing machines will offer scratch and dent discounts, but the trick is knowing how to get them. Since most stores don't actively advertise their "damaged" merchandise, nor do they really even mention them throughout their stores, you'll need to actively seek them out.

But don't worry, this is easier than it may seem. In most instances it's as simple as asking a store manager about any scratch and dent specials. Other times you might even find scratch and dent washing machines on a store's website, often categorized as either "Scratch and Dent" or "Clearance." Really, "Clearance" is just a fancy was of saying "We're selling off some stuff that hasn't sold, and doing it at a deeply reduced price."

The following companies are a good place to start your search for scratch and dent washing machines for sale. Start by visiting the company website, and if that doesn't work try giving your local store a call. Or better yet, head down there in person, as you'll be able to examine the products closely and ask any questions you might have.

  • Sears
  • RC Willey's
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe's

Keep in mind that many appliance stores might not keep their scratched and dented washing machines on the premises, but might instead send them to a clearing house where other slightly damaged (but still work perfectly) appliances are available for sale. Big outlet stores like these are especially common in larger cities, where multiple stores can take advantage of them.

Considerations When Buying Scratch And Dent Washer

Every store will have different policies as they related to their scratch and dent items, so it's best to ask all the questions you have before making your purchase. This list should help get you started:

  • Does it come with a warranty? If so, what does it cover? While most stores will honor the standard "new appliance" warranty on scratch and dent items, it's not always the case. Make sure you know what's covered.
  • Does the store offer delivery service? Or do you have a way to get it home? Not all companies offer delivery of their appliances (regardless of condition), while others might offer it for floor-quality items only. Don't buy an item you can't get home, as it won't do you any good.
  • Does the "Scratch" or "Dent" affect the washing machine's functionality? Make sure none of the knobs or controls broke off, and that the door opens properly. Also, make sure any moving parts (such as the agitator and drum) move freely - they should at least sway with hand pressure.
  • Does it come with an instruction manual? If not, is one available on the Internet? Browsing through the manual is a great way to familiarize yourself with an unfamiliar appliance before buying it. Plus it comes in really handy once its at home, too.
  • What is the return policy? Can you return the washer if it doesn't work?

Above all else, don't feel pressured into making a purchase. A washing machine is a substantial investment, so make sure you're getting what you want - not what a commission sales person wants you to buy so he can make a bigger paycheck.

Hopefully these tips can help you find a scratch and dent washing machine at a price you can afford.