Scratch and dent appliances are a great way to save tons of money while equipping your kitchen with the things you need. If you are searching for a new oven, refrigerator, microwave or other item, you will be able to save tons of money when you find one of these great sales. Buying the sale items that have been scratched or dented can save you hundred, or even thousands of dollars. Here are some things to consider with scratch and dent appliances.


Best places to look:


Sears scratch and dent appliance warehouses: The outlet stores sell many of the top brands. At one of their outlet stores, you can find Kenmore, Craftsman, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and many others. You will have no problem finding the best deals on Sears scratch and dent appliances when you visit their warehouse location near you. They have many outlet stores. To find the one near you visit

Local stores: You can find great deals at many local stores other than Sears. By checking around locally, you can take advantage of the warehouse and outlet type sales many of the sellers have to offer. You can check them out in person, or give them a call to see what they have. Many local stores will have new scratch and dent appliances with huge discounts for you to check out, so you can save money.

Craigslist: You really can find new scratch and dent appliances on Craigslist. You will be able to save a ton of money this way. Many outlets and warehouses list their new items, dented and scratched, on the site for sale. This will help you locate the stores near you, and maybe find an outlet or two in your area that you hadn't heard of or considered. Craigslist is one of the great way to find bargains on new scratch and dent appliances.

Newspaper ads: You can find great bargains on brand new, name brand scratch and dent appliances by searching through your local newspaper. You will see many sales. Even if they are not advertising the slightly damaged items, there is a good chance you can find one or two to choose from. The newspaper will help you get great deals on scratch and dent appliances. Even if they are not featured in the ad, there's a great chance they have some on hand.

Online: You can pick up some great deals on your needs from many online vendors. You will be surprised at the great warehouse type pricing you can get online. The only real catch with online sellers is shipping cost. If you were to buy from a chain, like Sears, you may be able to get the items shipped without incurring the expense. Otherwise, you will need to pay the shipping charges with sellers too far away to visit in person. Still, it's a great way to save money on new scratch and dent appliances. Sometimes, the increased savings from buying online will offset the price of shipping.


Getting the best deal:


You will want to make sure you take full advantage of price reduction with scratch and dent appliances. There are many things that will come into play. To make sure you get the very best deal possible, here are some things to consider, so you can save even more money on scratch and dent appliances.

Damage: How much damage does the unit have? Sometimes, you can find new scratch and dent appliances with damage that will not be noticeable when installed. For example, if you are getting a new refrigerator with slight damage on one side, and you will be sliding it between cabinets, the damage may not be visible. In addition, any type of unit with damage on the back is a prime target, since the back will typically be against the wall, and not noticeable to anyone. This is a great way to get new scratch and dent appliances.

Haggling: You will have of good chance of getting a little more money off when you haggle on prices. The outlet stores and warehouses may be willing to give further discounts if you simply ask. You haggle on cars and homes, right?

Bring a trailer: Even if you buy at a local outlet store or warehouse, you will pay shipping if you cannot haul you new scratch and dent appliances on your own. Bring you trailer or truck so you save even more money.

Sets: Sometimes the scratch and dent furniture warehouses will offer discounts when you buy sets. This is another great way for the consumer to save some money on their purchase. You will also have a little more room to haggle on the prices if you buy more than one item.




You will find that most new scratch and dent appliances will still have a full factory warranty. This can make buying a slightly damaged item much more appealing. Don't make assumptions, however, since the warranty is one of the most important features for any item. Be sure to check with the seller before you make your purchase. If the item for sale does not have a warranty, you will be taking a much bigger risk when you buy your new scratch and dent appliances. Look for major name brand scratch and dent appliances from places like Sears and other sellers.




As noted, many online sellers will charge you a shipping few on your new scratch and dent appliances. As you can imagine, this makes the cost much higher. It's not hard to come to the conclusion that shipping will be quite expensive. If you are buying a stove or refrigerator, for example, the sheer weight and size of the unit will make shipping quite high. This is something you must consider when buying large ticket items like these.

Local shipping, when buying from a warehouse or outlet store can be quite high as well. Be sure to bring your trailer when you are shopping for scratch and dent appliances so you can save even more money on your purchase. You will be able to find some great deals, and really capitalize this way.