There are many scratch and dent locations, which will vary depending on what you are searching to find.  If you are looking for appliances, furniture, electronics, including computers, or other items, you will have many different options at your disposal.  In this article, I will share with you the best ways to find the scratch and dent locations in your area, depending on what you are searching to find.  I will list the common sellers and manufacturers, so you know what sites to visit on your search to save some money.

Scratch and Dent Locations for Appliances

There are likely several different places you can go within driving distance of your home for deals on slightly damaged ovens, microwaves, refrigerators, washers and dryers, and more.  In the list below are just a few of the sellers you will want to check out for bargains.

Sears:  You can check out the Sears scratch and dent appliance warehouses in your area to find the best deal on appliances.  You can check out their website to find the outlet centers in your area, or simply visit the local Sears stores to find out what kind of bargains they have on slightly damaged appliances for sale.  You will save quite a bit of money by shopping their outlet centers and warehouses.  This is one of the best places to get major name brands like Amana, Bosch, and many others.  Use their online store locator to see what is in your area.

Lowes:  Lowes scratch and dent appliances are not sold through warehouses or outlet centers, like they are with Sears and some of the other major appliance makers.  You will have to bargain with individual Lowes stores for the best deals.  Check out the floor models and haggle a little on price and you will probably do pretty well on price.  Keep in mind Lowes offers free local delivery, so you will save even more money in the process.  Some people have reported savings of over 60% through Lowes when shopping their scratch and dent appliances.  Take advantage of those savings.

REI:  They hold sales events for members every year.  You will find great REI scratch and dent appliances and furniture for sale.  Check out their website and consider becoming a member to see what kind of money you can save.

Local Stores:  You can shop for bargains and find scratch and dent locations by simply asking for a discount on the floor models that have little dings and dents.  You will find big discounts are possible this way, even if a sale isn’t advertised.

Locations for Scratch and Dent Furniture

You will have many options for furniture sales with slight damage, where you can save 50% or more off the regular retail price.   Just check out some of these major retailers to see what they have.

Ashley:  Like many major furniture stores, Ashley will provide steep discounts on their items that have slight damage, even if it is not visible.  You will simply have to find an Ashley furniture store locations near you to find out what they might have to offer.

Slumberland:  They generally have a clearance section near the back of the stores with big savings on scratch and dent furniture for your home or office.  You can haggle a little on price with them as well, so you can save even more money.  Be sure to ask the salesperson what deals they have on scratch and dent items, and ask them to check around with some other local stores to see what they have as well.

Major Retailers:  Just about any major furniture store will have scratch and dent furniture.  Simply check out the locations in your area to see what they have to offer.  You will generally have to look no further than the Yellow Pages to find a good bargain.

Local Stores:  Mom and pop stores are just as likely to discount floor models and other items with a little bit of damage or wear and tear.  You can save a lot of money by simply asking for a discount.  While the stores are generally a lot smaller, the discounts can often be bigger.  Check out mom and pop store locations in your area to see what they have to offer for scratch and dent shopping.

Where to Find Scratch and Dent Computers

Dell:  The Dell website has great deals on scratch and dent computers.  You won’t need to find specific locations for them, since they have all the great deals online.  You can also find refurbished and reconditioned computers cheap, so you will save money.  Dell has a special scratch and dent section of their website.

HP:  This is another great location to look for scratch and dent computers.  You will find them on their website, and in local stores.  Like Dell, refurbished, reconditioned, and customer return inventory might be included in the sales.

Acer:  Acer is another computer brand that offers great deals on their website for customer returns, discontinued merchandise, and even scratched and dented computers for sale.   Look for their website or check local retail locations to see if they have something that will work for you.

Catchall Locations

There are some places that sell all things scratch and dent that you can possibly imagine.  Check out these online locations to see what they have offer for sale at clearance pricing.

eBay:  This is one of the very best places to look.  You will find great eBay scratch and dent sales on computers, electronics, furniture, and appliances, making this one of the very best locations to check out.  Simply enter the keywords accordingly, and you will a lot of really good bargains.

Amazon:  Like eBay, you can find scratch and dent appliances, computers, electronics, and furniture for sale on the site.  You will be able to sort by price or brand, if you prefer.  It is a well-known site that offers really good customer service as well.

You can find all sorts of scratch and dent locations within minutes of your home, or online, if you just take a minute to look.