Cat Penthouse

Using screened gazebos is a great way to let your kitty outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and some grass below their feet, but at the same time be safe. 

With many townships starting to take action with wandering cats that are causing damage, it may be a good time to consider setting up something so they can still go outdoors and yet be safe.

Many older ones are quite happy to lounge under the shade of a tree outside or on your lawn chairs, but by giving them their own screened gazebos, you know where they are. 

You can try and make your own screen gazebos for your pet by framing in a simple style gazebo with flexible fencing materials, or meshing in a back deck area, but there are many cool designs for outdoor enclosures for cats now, that may be worth taking a look at.

Before you maybe hit the back button or laugh at the idea of  gazebos for cats or pets, just think about how many signs you are now seeing posted on telephone poles and store windows for lost pets, and how sad that can be.

Cats have a lot of enemies out there now, such as cars, coyotes, wild dogs, or they simply end up at a shelter, and if there are no tags, you can just imagine their fate.  So, instead of having your kitty whining constantly at the front door to go out, compromise a bit, and give them an outdoor area to lounge in.

This may not be exactly what they were looking for, as many like to wander, but this is better than getting that nasty call from your neighbours because your kitty has just done his business in her prize rose garden.  They love to do their business in freshly dug gardens, plus they have no problem lurking at bird feeders.

So, to keep the peace in your neighbourhood and still get to see your birds in the yard, then consider coming up with an outdoor solution for your cat or cats.  If you create an area that will get some shade and some sun, and a place in this enclosure for them to lounge in, they will be a lot happier than sitting on the windowsill inside watching you enjoying your patio or deck outside.

No more opening the back door to go in and have to worry about them running out.  Give them a place they can hang out in for the day while you are home, with some fresh water and a bed, and they will enjoy the fresh outdoors.

I have seen many setups for outdoor enclosures, and this penthouse idescreened gazebosa is a really cool one, because they also like to be higher than their surroundings, it makes them feel safe.

Kittywalk Penthouse with Resting Platforms for Cats

You can get plans for making your own screen gazebos for cats or you can also purchase different styles of them in pet supply stores or online at such sites as Amazon.

You are not restricted to tepee styles, there are also cat runs, if your pet is young and more active, as well as styles for the lazy older ones.

A friend of mine has a gazebo for cats attached to her kitchen window in the nicer weather, so that she can leave the kitchen window wide open, as it opens right into the screened area so she doesn’t have to worry about insects, and her cats can come and go as they please!

You don’t have to go to that extreme, but by having a nice area for your indoor cat outdoors, they can enjoy the soft breezes and warmth outside just like you do on your back patio or deck. As you can see by the style in the picture, many come with lazy hammocks for them to lounge in.

So, if you have an indoor cat that whines in the spring to get outdoors, then consider getting them their own screen gazebos, fill with some toys, water and litter box, and let them enjoy the day outside in safety and comfort.

Kittywalk Penthouse with Resting Platforms for Cats
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(price as of May 21, 2015)
these are a great way to keep your kitty safe outdoors.