Find a new career that you'll love so much it will feel like play

With many small businesses falling victim to the recession and large companies laying off workers, "screwing work" and spending all day at play sounds pretty far-fetched even for a nice day dream. Yet, there's a great new book out entitled: Screw Work Let's Play: How To Do What You Love And Get Paid For It by John Williams, which shows us how we can revolutionise our lives when we put our interests and passions at the centre of our world. And what's more, we can get paid for our play as well.

Can you really Find The Perfect Job?

So what gives Screw Work Let's Play, a 5 star review from Amazon readers and a growing fan base? When I was reading reviews for John Williams' "Screw Work Let's Play", I discovered that it had been lauded by many customers for being easy to read and for giving realistic, step-by-step advice on all the factors that we would need to consider before we can transform "work" to "play". In fact, the book is ingeniously structured like a series of tests that you would need to pass in order to be able to find yourself the perfect job. Once you've find a path that suits you, the book also provides a lot of tips for freelancers or those who are self-employed on how to win over more clients.

How to find the perfect career that you actually love

The book proves that work should not be "endured" but should instead be enjoyed. The author, John Williams, believes that the word "worker" is outdated and needs to be replaced with the shinier title of "player". Still sounding like a pipe-dream? Well read on, Williams, who is a prolific blogger followed by thousands of readers every month, used to be a computer programmer and didn't have a clue what he wanted to do with his career. All he wanted was to have time to pursue his hobbies but this appeared to be an unlikely prospect for him until he changed his perception of work. This is why Williams asserts that it is important to know how to get paid to enjoy yourself but you do need to adopt some super-smart tactics. You can't just pursue your hobbies at home and cross your fingers that large cheques will start arriving in the mail!

In my opinion, Screw Work Let's Play succeeds because it gives realistic advice and avoids being overwhelming and too demanding on the reader. Screw Work Let's Play not only provided me with honest insight, but also much-needed encouragement and inspiration. Sometimes you don't need to be told that you should pack in your job which is destroying your soul, but at the same time, it takes a sobering yet practical book like this to give you the confidence and courage to walk into your boss' office and tell them you are leaving. It is packed with stories about people who have successfully managed to convert their careers into something they genuinely love doing, so that they never feel like they are really working. I was left feeling empowered to launch the mission to change all the unsatisfying aspects of my working life.

No airy-fairy advice

The thing that really sets Screw Work Let's Play apart from other self-help books is that it does not give risky or airy-fairy advice. None of the steps in the book will lead you to sabotage your current job. not about taking a gamble, or putting your house on the line in order to be able to do something you really enjoy from 9-5 everyday.

Instead, it helps you to maximise your potential and to constantly perform at your best by teaching you how to overcome your fear of failure. It made me realise that, all these years, what had been holding me back was the subconscious devil at the back of my mind, hissing:"Beware: You will fail. And when you fail, everybody is going to sneer and tear you apart for making such a complete and utter fool of yourself. Just stay on the safe side and do what everybody else is doing, you weird fool". It dawned on me that, time and time again, I regretted chickening out and not doing something because I was afraid of rejection. Then there were all those times when I underperformed because I didn't want to find out that-shock horror-my best was not enough.

Now, thanks to Screw Work Let's Play, I am filled with genuine hope that I can become stronger and better and pursue the job of my dreams. After all, whether we really fail or not is all down to our perception. And when we do fail, we can recover by treating failure as a learning experience that will help us to succeed the next time around. This attitude can also be applied when it comes to choosing a career. We need to recognise that the doors to other careers are not closed to us forever after we have made our choice, as long as we are not afraid of treading on unfamiliar terrain every now and again. It is never too late- There are many paths you can take to find your perfect job.

Screw Work Let's Play helps you to discover your perfect job by teaching you how to analyse what you like and what you can offer others. This doesn't have to be something that immediately strikes you as original or inventive. It can be as simple as what you really loved to do when you were a child. Even the section of the newspaper that you always turn to first in the morning can be a crucial indicator of your perfect job!

Screw Work Let's Play tells you ten big secrets about how to get paid to play that you is never taught at school or college, including how to be able to get started immediately, how to create an irresistible offer, and how to get rich. I definitely recommend you to get a copy of Screw Work and Let's Play:How To Do What You Love and Get Paid For It and let the wise words of John Williams lift you up to the higher playgrond of work: "It pays to have fun".

Screw Work Lets Play by John Williams Find the Perfect job