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Scribes Write About History Because We All Are Storytellers.

For as long as anyone could remember the phrase “Content is King,” has been misleading for far too long. What is Content & What us the reason for it being crowned King? These two questions are the reason why you are reading this article and the reason why I choose these words to write. Let it be known from now on that whenever we say, hear or write “Good Content,” it means we are expressing "Memorable Moments." The word content has now been overthrown and replaced by its true successor Memory.

Egyptian Social Network Pyramid

Memory comes is all different sizes and perspectives. The generative purpose of this utensil is to find a home within the mind of the subscriber. You see we naturally want to forget just as much as we want to naturally remember. This contradiction is our limitations. Now I could go into great length in details but I am convinced by the end of this article you will remember what you truly want to forget. As we get back to the lecture at hand if you want to create great content the real good question you should ask is what & why not how and when.

I’ll let you be the judge of which process is more rewarding due to the fact that no recent studies are greater than actual experience. The reason why I can write this with so much conviction is because I write to be objective and give you facts rather than using only my own opinion to convince you of my actions. Usually it would take months, years and decades to find a reason for doing anything in the present moment. If you want to create content for the future your best probability is to make your present moment as memorable as possible. Who would have thought that all you need to do is know what and why? If you said nobody knows you are sadly mistaken because everybody knows but not everybody remembers. 

Here are some definite facts about asking oneself What & Why:

1.)            If you know what you want then you know why you want it.

2.)            If you know why you want it then you know what it is.

3.)            Asking “What,” gives you one definite reason.

4.)            Definite reasons help relinquish infinite questions.

5.)            Asking “Why,” helps you remember one thing at a time.

6.)            If you want to act now then you don’t need to ask “When.”

7.)            If you know what you’re doing you don’t need to ask “How.”

If you want to create Great Content make Memorable Moments.



Oct 6, 2012 12:58pm
You pose some interesting thoughts. I like to read your posts because it takes my mind off my writings. I find I get sort of tunnel vision when I write. Maybe I should set a timer, and make myself go outside after a certain length of time. I know you will get to your word content number. And when you do, you won't notice, you'll be so absorbed in either the piece you just wrote or the one that comes next!
Oct 6, 2012 4:25pm
@JeanBakula: Once again you noticed my objective for writing articles. My main goal in each article is to help the reader "Relinquish All Thoughts Formed Against Themselves." The short definition is to help you give up self-conflicting, self-deceiving, harmful thoughts. In my next article I will write about how to turn weaknesses into strengths. And before I forget to mention I have chosen to write articles from a #PiscesPerspective.
Dec 1, 2012 7:51am
Isn't true objectiveness the ability to see what is, and the value of what is, in any single moment? Creating memorable moments encourages conditioned man to remain trapped inside the dream...
Dec 1, 2012 1:02pm
@LavenderRose: Thanks for commenting. (^_^) What do you mean by "Conditioned Man." This article objective is to help the reader identify two different thinking patterns. One of them being Nostalgic (Daydreaming about past experiences) and the other being Pragmatic (Daydreaming about future experiences).
Dec 3, 2012 12:00pm
In ancient Egyptian theology, "conditioning" is the decisions we make as infants and toddlers that programmed our subconscious minds to seek pleasure and avoid pain.

I was replying to your comment in your introductory paragraph which said that good content means we are expressing memorable moments, and that the word "content" has now been overthrown and replaced by its successor "memory."

Since I arrived at this article through a link in the forum that said this was an example of an objective article, I was simply asking you for your definition of the word "objective." I wasn't replying to the hypothesis of the article because I believe in overcoming our conditioning, not reinforcing it.
Dec 4, 2012 9:43am
Thanks for sharing that knowledge with us. I love topics intertwining with Psychology. In my opinion Infants and Toddlers are the "greatest conditioners" because they adapt to their environment as well as behaviors. I used the word "content" because everything is memorable. More importantly if something is worth memory it is worth being written about. (^_^) Look at the Egyptians for example...they are the greats Scribes to ever tell their own stories and experiences.
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