Easy Raw Apple Butter

This recipe is from the brilliant mind of my mother. She is the major inspiration for all my experimental cooking through the years. If you don't have what everyone else has, you make do with what you've been given. 

What you'll need:

Food processor/Bullet/Ninja

2 large or 3 medium apples, cored and sliced

1 teaspoon of vanilla

2 tablespoons of brown sugar

2 dashes of salt

2 teaspoons of apple pie spice


Leaving the skins on, quarter the apples. Fill your processor of choice with all of the above mentioned ingredients and blend until the desired texture is reached. 

Our favorite way to use this is on a toasted slice of whole wheat bread with coconut oil, and sometimes with peanut butter or almond butter! Also, using this recipe for canning makes a great gift.

Mmmm.....nothing says Fall like apple butter.


Vegan Molasses Pancake

This is an easy pancake recipe that I came up with out of necessity due to the rumblies in my tummy. Being that I love change, my recipes are adapted to the flavor of the moment. This recipe makes a fluffy, rich cake with a great texture for spreading your desired topping onto. 

Recipe makes 4 medium-sized cakes.


1 cup of flour

2 teaspoons of baking powder

1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

1/8 teaspoon of salt

3 tablespoons of blackstrap molasses

1 teaspoon of vanilla

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

1 cup of water


In the same bowl, combine all of the ingredients and mix. Heat a greased, medium skillet over medium heat. Pour batter onto the pan and flatten out until the batter is the same thickness overall. Flip the cake over when bubbles form on the top, about 1 minute. 

This pancake pairs beautifully with my raw apple butter recipe!

Valuable Tid-Bit: For every egg that a recipe calls for, supplement it with 2 teaspoons of baking powder. If you're working with a recipe that uses an acidic ingredient such as brown sugar, molasses, or bananas using baking soda helps to leaven as well. However, when using baking soda, I tend to use 1/4 of the amount that I do for baking powder.