When I first heard the words, "Honey, you got to try this." I looked at my wife and thought, there is no way I am going to rub this stuff all over my body. She presented me with a new organic, all natural product, one of her latest buys. The sea salt body scrub.

We recently changed over our soaps and bath products to natural, handmade organic, mainly because of the positive effects on our skin, and the variety of scents available. I loved the soaps. I knew nothing about soaps. Not even a little. I am a man, what do I care about soap? You shower, you lather up, your rinse, and you are done. Or so I thought. After I tried the first soap, I believe it was a very subtle scent of lavender, I will never go back to that cheap, Wal-Mart brand of soap we usually buy. No, this was very much worth the price increase. The feel and texture of my skin after I use it was so different, I was pleasantly surprised. No, I will never go back.

However, this latest buy, I was a little hesitant. It's salt for crying out loud! Why rub salt all over your body? Like any married man knows, a good percentage of the time wives are correct (we just don't like to admit that) this was no exception. I again was pleasantly surprised. I was told how to use the body salt, by rinsing your body, then applying the salt in a circular motion, over legs, arms etc. The feeling was like wet sand being rubbed all over me, the scent was, well, like salt, with a small fragrance. I believe there were other scents available, and I am eager to try. My wife explained that the salt and the abrasive quality would exfoliate my skin, getting all the dead cells off, and making your skin soft. I agreed with her after the process. The end result was my skin feeling refreshed, and new. I can't explain it better than my skin feeling rejuvenated and I will definitely try this again. However, I hope to use a different fragrance next time.