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Sea World, Florida is one of the Florida attractions located in Orlando. It is one of the sightseeing options in Florida that many tourists flock to, especially since it is open all year round, normally from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. You can buy your tickets to the theme park online ahead of time or you can wait until you get to Sea World to buy them.

What does Sea World offer tourists?

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Visitors here on one of the day trips to Florida can come to Sea World to see many kinds of shows that feature live whales and dolphins, as well as well-known characters like Sesame Street, pirates, and much more! Some people even stay in hotels in Florida so they won’t miss a thing at this adventurous place.

Besides shows, visitors taking cheap trips to Florida can ride several fun rides. These include the Kraken, the Wild Arctic Ride, as well as Journey to Atlantis, the Manta and the Skytower.

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Sea World also features interesting exhibits like a real live encounter with sharks or dolphins or a chance to see one of the whales like the famous Shamu or maybe you prefer seeing a penguin or manatees.  All of these marine exhibits are very popular Florida attractions. Some of these even let you pet the animals such as the smaller marine animals.

What Should You Take With You to Sea World Florida?

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Tourists taking cheap trips to Florida to see the sites and ride the rides at Sea World often ask what they should bring or how they should prepare. For sure they should wear comfortable clothing and shoes since they will most likely be walking all around the park all day.


You should also have plenty of sunscreen because the Florida sunshine is strong and bright and otherwise you will get sunburned when you go on day trips to Florida.  Be sure the SPF factor of your sunscreen is no less than 15 and preferably above 30 for the kids.

Be sure to bring bottle water so you won’t have to buy it when you get to Sea World. You will need to stay hydrated while walking around seeing the sites. Dress lightly too and avoid dark colored clothing or heavy material like denim.


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Be sure to bring your camera to Sea World to get some memories of your sight seeing options in Florida. You might want to bring a disposable water proof camera if you sit up close in the whale or dolphin shows as you will be sure to get splashed.


The bottom line is that coming to Sea World is a fun and exciting time for the whole family and if you take cheap flights to Florida and stay in hotels in Florida, then you will have plenty of time to enjoy it.