The Seagull Maritime SWS Guitar

The Seagull Maritime SWS Acoustic Guitar

Solid Wood Series Seagull Guitars

Making music is an exciting thing.  Learning to make music is even more exciting, and when you're learning guitar, you generally start off on a low end acoustic guitar that doesn't always sound so good.  If you make progress, and keep the faith that you can make good music on a guitar, and also keep the interest, then another exciting thing will likely occur for you, and that exciting thing is that at some point in time, you'll bother to own a truly professional grade instrument.

The Seagull instrument discussed here is a truly professional grade instrument, and one can be had at what is a supremely reasonable price.  We're talking about an all solid wood guitar here; in fact, the "SWS" stands for "solid wood series."  For less than a thousand US dollars, anyone can own the Seagull Maritime SWS acoustic guitar, and they'll then own a guitar that will provide professional level services to them the rest of their lives, so long as they take good care of it.  Oh it matters none at all whether that person go on to become some sort of musical star, the Seagull Maritime SWS surely doesn't care, it merely provides, and keeps providing, until many a lifetime is over and done with, provided that it is cared for.

In the past, the young music enthusiast had no such opportunity as one has today.  No solid wood instruments were available at a reasonable price, unless someone happened into a beaten up a bit one somewhere on the used market.  It used to be that a picker had to go from a five hundred dollar Yamaha all the way to a twenty five hundred dollar Martin.  Seagull guitars has done truly terrific things, as have others, with modern building technology, and they've made it to where a truly front line, totally professional level instrument can be had for less than a thousand dollars.

All Solid Wood, and The Beautiful Sound Of Mahogany For Less Than A Thousand Dollars

Friends, when you get into acoustic guitars they come in three varieties of value: 1. made entirely from laminated wood, 2. with a solid wood top, and 3. guitars made entirely of solid wood.  It shouldn't be hard for you to figure that all laminate guitars are cheap, inexpensive, and don't have much value.  Next up, are guitars with solid tops, and generally it is a very low grade, but solid spruce top, and then you have truly wonderful guitars, guitars made from solid pieces of wood, from the body, the top, the neck, and the headstock.  The Seagull Maritime SWS is just such a guitar, it is an instrument built with ALL solid woods, and this maximizes the tonality of the instrument, and it also means the thing can take a bit more abuse than can a cheaper guitar, and it will still rock on steady as she goes.

What makes this guitar so great?   If you're really slow, I'll state it for you again, this guitar is all solid wood, and that means it will sound like a total canon.  An all solid wood guitar is quite a lot larger with the tonality than is a guitar with laminates involved in it, and this guitar happens to be mahogany, and mahogany is in and of itself a wood that produces a much more immediate tonality.  If you're into physics, you could rightly say that mahogany guitars produce a greater velocity of tonality.  Mahogany is a nice old hardwood, and it is used far and wide, but nowhere is it used towards a greater thing than in musical instruments.  The abundance of mahogany make it tremendously valuable in that it is inexpensive when compared to comparable tonewoods.  This guitar by Seagull is priced at less than one thousand dollars, and though it is very traditional in design, one might want to compare it to another great solid wood mahogany body guitar, the Tacoma RoadKing

The SWS series guitars by Seagull DO include more expensive rosewood body models, so when shopping, be certain you realize the scarcity of rosewood makes for a much more expensive guitar, but not a better guitar.  Rosewood and mahogany offer VERY different tonal properties.  The prospective buyer should DEFINITELY be familiar with the difference so as to make an informed choice as to what kind of guitar tone they wish to have presented from their playing.

Seagull Maritime SWS guitars are not limited to a dreadnought body size, but are also available in jumbo sizes, and smaller than standard "folk" model sizes.  These guitars are Canadian made, and they are priced to compete VERY favorably with US made guitars on the same level.  Truly, these instruments out of Canada are terrific, and in time as great tonewoods are depleted, prices will rise.  If you're looking for an instrument that can last you a lifetime and will do you justice around the campfire or in a recording studio, check out these Seagull solid wood series guitars today.

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