Search engine optimization is a big part of making money online. It is vital to get traffic to your website/webpages.Wheather you own a forum or a blog you need search engine optimization. In this article I will show you how to search engine optimize your website.webpage using links.

Search engine optimization SEO for short entails optimizing your content for search engine. When trying to get traffic to a site/article, one needs search engine optimization. A big part of search engine optimization  is links. People build links to increase there ranking with search engines. Link building is not easy. It involves a lot of work but if you use the techniques I give you you can make the job easy. Along with boosting your site's rankings, links help to bring organic traffic to your site. Below is a 5 step list to link building in search engine optimization

Step 1: Directory. People use directories all the time. There are 2 main types of directories article and web. Essentially there are two types of links. Inbound links and outbound links. Outbound links, are links from your site that go out into another site and inbound links are links that start from another site and go to yours. Both types of links are helpful. When using directories to build links, you might be building inbound or outbound links. When your web URL is put into the directory, you have built an inbound link and when you link to the directory you have created and outbound link. Some directories require you to link your site to the directory, if they put your link in. This is known as reciprocal links.

     Directories are all over the place. There are thousands of directories on the web. In order to have your site listed on a directory you must submit it.  submitting your site is usually free, although some sites charge. As a general rule of thumb, never pay for your site to be listed in a directory, few sites are worth the mony.  Directory submission is pretty easy. You usually have to provide basic information such as email address and a short description of your site. Directories help with SEO but not by a lot. Since many people are submitting there sites to directories, it does not add much value to your site. Despite this, submitting to directories is an easy way to build links fast!

Step 2: Forums,comments,spam,reviews. Writing comments,forum posts and other pieces of information are ways to spread your link around. Many people have seen the comments showing a link to a site, or a forum post advertising someone elses site. Some people consider this practise spam. despite what people say,being active in the web community, can be a great way to spread your site's link. If you are on a forum you can talk about your website and post links to it in your signature, if you are a member of a site like Amazon, you can put links to your site in product reviews. You can even comment on site's and post links in them.  Some people will look down on doing this but you can't argue with results. If you are able to get tons of good links out of doing these things, you may increase your sites rankings. Heres an example of how I do it. If I write a game review. I will then go to the Apple/Android market and write a review of the game, in the review I will post my link to the article I wrote. This is a way I spread the word about my article.

Step 3: Advertising,pay per link. Paying Money to build links is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your rankings with search engines. Since you are paying for the work and not doing it yourself. Advertising is a form of a link. If you have an ad for your site on Google, and someone clicks on it and goes to your site, you have created an inbound link. Search engines do recognize ads as links! You can also pay people directly to put links from your site into theirs.

   Advertising is pretty easy. My using Google Adwords or any other ad platform, you can make a small pay per click ad campaign. In a pay per click ad campaign, users have to pay per click meaning when someone clicks on your ad, you will have to pay money, usually around 20 cents, but it depends a lot on your topic.  For some topics, you will have to pay over 1 dollar for click. These topics usually involve law,health car and insurance. On other topics such as pets, you will have to pay less. On average though with 100 dollars you should be able to get a minimum of 150 ad clicks. These are targeted ads which can easily turn into long time subscribers!

Paying for links is very simple too. You simply go to a site, like or any other link broker, and search through the listings and pay per links. Heres how it usually works. If I want a link for  my dog site, I will go on one of these sites and look for links for sale about dogs. When I find a website that talks about dogs and is very popular, I will pay the owner either a one time or monthly fee and have my link posted on his/her site. It is very simple.  remember that Google does look down on this practise, how they would know if someone is doing it, i do not know but just as a warning, Google has issued warnings saying that they do not approve of buying and selling links. Despite this fact, few will argue about the efficiency of such a practise.



Step 4:Social media. In recent years, there has been a big surge to use social media. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have been gaining more and more popularity.  Using social media to build links and share your site is a great idea. Many people are posting links to there sites on Facebook, and sharing there site with people all over the world through twitter. You can even buy celebrity tweets to spread your message. Almost every website has Facebook integrated somewhere, where people can share articles and content they like on right to Facebook. Using social media, is an easy way to spread awareness of your site, especially if you have a lot of friends on these sites.


Step 5: Inbound links: Many people overlook the fact that outbound links provide influence in SEO. When creating content on your site, be mindful that it can be helpful to provide links to other site. It creates a better user experience when they have all the resources they need in front of them. Even if you are not affiliated with the site, by posting a link to it, you can help your visitors out. remember though, that while it is helpful to add links, Having a link farm is not. A link farm is a site/web page that has hundreds even thousands of links on it. The sole purpose of these farms is to increase search rankings for other sites. This practise has become outdated and now does not work but you may accidentally creat a link farm. Many sites have a spot were they list useful links, these are links that they find relevent or helpful if you have a link section with irrelevant links and a lot of them, google and other search engines may drop your rankings, thinking that you are trying to deceive them.


If you use these 5 steps you will be on your way to increasing your site's rankings in search engines. Please feel free to leave a comment below or rate this article. Also you can check out some of my other articles on my profile page.