Search engine optimization has long been a buzz word amongst the internet marketing community and if you want more traffic to your website or your InfoBarrel articles then you need to consider this. In this article I am going to give some basics about how you can improve your search engine optimization but there is always more to learn and I encourage you to keep learning and keep up to date on the newest developments in the world of SEO.

Search Engine Optimization Begins with Keyword Research

In order to ensure that your website or articles are correctly search engine optimized you should begin by doing some thorough keyword research. Find out what keywords people are looking for and where the competition lies. Try to find keywords that many people are searching for but where there is relatively little competition.

How to Use Keywords

Once you know what keywords you want to use the next step is to actually insert them into your pages or articles. The first place you should put one of your primary keywords is in the title, then in bold somewhere near the top of the article or page and then scattered throughout. If you use images or links then also include your keywords in anchor text and alt tags.

The Flip Side of Search Engine Optimization – LinkBuilding

Once your website is correctly keyword optimized this is really just the beginning – the next step needs to be to build as many links to your website as possible. Creating social profiles, writing articles and sharing links are just some of the ways you can do this but there are many other ways you can, and should, build links on the internet.

Proper search engine optimization consists primarily of keyword optimization and link building although many other factors do come into play such as technical optimization, content length, etc. The important thing is to keep teaching yourself in this area – look up more articles on Google, see what other people have to say about search engine optimization on InfoBarrel, keep up to date with search engine optimization news, etc.