How to do SEO in 2012

The effects of the Panda updates

Search engine optimization or SEO is essential for webmasters and online business owners to make it big online. Good SEO means web traffic, and web traffic means money in the online world.

The tasks of optimizing web pages in order to rank the pages higher in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo has been around for more than ten years. Many website owners spend big money in order for search engine optimizers to rank their websites in the search results for certain keywords.

Many online businesses have experienced success using SEO as a large part in their marketing efforts. However, during the months of the second half of 2012, Google, the biggest and most successful among the search engines started to implement the Panda updates to their search engine algorithms. Because of these changes, many online businesses faltered. These Panda updates are still being implemented as of the later part of the first quarter of 2012. Google has been giving information recently of the changes these Panda upgrades will do to search engine results.

Using traditional backlinking methods will become irrelevant in the near future. Examples of traditional backlinking methods are article directory submissions, forum profile backlinking, forum posts backlinkng using posts signatures, bookmarking, etc., and etc. Google’s algorithm is more adept at detecting spam links as of the present. Search engine optimization in 2012 will never be the same.

One of the best examples of the effect of the Panda updates is the ability of Google to detect spam link building. One SEO service business which suffered heavily because of the updates was the Build My Rank (BMR) link building service. Google detected almost all of BMR service’s backlinking sites which led to their de-indexing of the BMR’s websites together with the backlinks that were created by BMR’s users. Eventually, BMR closed their service temporarily. Perhaps, the service wouldn’t be opened to the search engine optimizers in the near future because of Google’s continuing search engine updates.

Google has been continuously advocating that websites should contain highly informative original contents as much as possible in order to provide the best satisfaction to search engine users who are hungry for information. Part of the Panda updates that Google has announced is that the search engine company will put more emphasis on the website content freshness. This means that web posts or information recently uploaded would be given more preference relative to old ones containing the same subjects. Therefore, it is advised to always write highly-informative posts and original content for your websites.

As has been said, SEO in 2012 will never be the same. It seems that Google is catching up on web search optimizers. Article directories like and have suffered in terms of web traffic, forum profile backlinking is not as effective as before, Build My Rank has closed; these are just some of the few examples on the effects of the Panda updates on the search engines.

The search engine optimization formula has never been discovered. Most probably it wouldn’t be discovered. So the practical and smart way to do now for SE optimizers is just to make their websites highly-informative, engaging, and useful to online information searchers and buffs.